The Intuit Small Business Blog Goes Mobile

Even though we still feel like the new kids on the block, every couple of months we make an improvement to the Intuit Small Business Blog, from adding link suggestions to related articles to creating a small business dictionary.

With mobile internet use continuing to grow at a rapid pace, going portable was only a matter of time. And now we’re pleased to announce that as of today you can download this blog as an app from iTunes! The Intuit Blog app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad will allow you to read blog articles on the go, featuring our latest stories as well as the ability to find past stories by topic or text search.

Big thanks to the Intuit team of developer Tom Hanley, designer Paul Simmons, and QA Haritha Karanamsetty for building this app. Thanks also to you, our audience, for continuing to refer your friends and associates to the ISBB, giving us more reasons to invest further in the experience.

As excited as we are to reach this milestone, it’s just the first version of the Intuit Blog iPhone app. Please take it for a test drive, kick the tires, and let us know what you think would make it even better.

About Jay Badenhope

Jay Badenhope is a Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit and publisher of the Intuit Small Business Blog. He has traveled to over 20 countries, can offer you a glass of water in five languages, and lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys being able to walk with his family to local businesses. You can follow Jay on Twitter at @jay_badenhope.
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Glenda Smith
Glenda Smith

I updated my computer with Windows 7 and when I finished upgrading and started back using my QuickBooks POS and PRO, my Star TSP600 printer would not print receipts, or the cash drawer was not responding as it had done before. Calling the service people with Quickbooks, they informed me that I would have to buy a new receipt printer for $899 or so because the older printer would not perform with my new updates. This seems unreasonable for me. Being in a "small grandpa and grandma retirement business", this very expensive for us. Is there anyone with a suggestion? Thank you!