Thanks to GoPayment, Fashion Designer Earns More Design Time

Fashion designer Sheri Falk says she would rather direct her energy toward conceptualizing new designs and helping clients than handling the bookkeeping tasks required to run her small business. So she uses GoPayment to streamline her billing process, which frees her up to spend more time on her clothing line and with her customers.

Falk, owner of BASIQUES online and in Boston and Houston, specializes in making timeless, versatile garments for women that flatter female figures. The Francophile, who studied at Sorbonne University in Paris, also works as an image consultant and fashion coach.

The Intuit Small Business Blog recently chatted with Falk about her success as an entrepreneur and how GoPayment keeps her business running smoothly.

ISBB: How did you get started as a fashion designer?

Falk: I lived in Paris for about a year and fell in love with their lifestyle of simplicity. I realized that French women did not really have a lot of [clothing], but [they had] a few great [pieces]. I have always been a fan of the perfect white shirt. I used that as the base of my collection.

Once you have a great white shirt, it is the start of an entire wardrobe. BASIQUES is founded on the principle that women wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. BASIQUES features the core pieces of the wardrobe that are the building blocks for the trends. Ask any woman the last time she found a great-fitting classic black pant, and you will hear a variety of challenges that she faced along the way.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Helping women feel better about themselves. Fashion should not be so hard! I love when [a client] sees herself in a great-fitting ensemble and feels great about herself. BASIQUES understands that a woman has to get dressed every single day and that there are a variety of activities in her lifestyle. We offer consultations that help her build her wardrobe with confidence and understand how to fit and flatter her frame.

Why do you like GoPayment?

I have been traveling and hosting wardrobe workshops. I can now bring my collection with me, present the workshop, and take the payment all at the same time. I understand that with the newest upgrade Intuit will incorporate the inventory control that is featured on the POS system with the GoPayment application. It will identify a detailed receipt for the client, while updating the inventory quantities on hand.

What tip do you have for fashionistas as they head into the fall season?

I recommend accessorizing with color and texture. Often you can shop your closet for this, or pick up the latest trend in color for a handbag or scarf. Another great option is to choose a belt that highlights your waistline or a textured piece that brings dimension to solids.

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A Wisconsin-based freelance writer, Kristine Hansen contributes business stories to many food and drink trade journals, as well as, and blogs about mindful travel at Psychology Today. She also dishes out advice for writers at The Writer Magazine about running a successful writing business.
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