Small Businesses Work Smarter with a QuickBooks Designed for Efficiency

Today, Intuit unveiled QuickBooks 2013, the latest version of QuickBooks desktop software for Windows. Our millions of small business customers will be delighted to experience a completely reimagined and improved design that will help them work smarter by saving time managing their finances. In fact, based on a 2012 survey, two-thirds of beta testers agreed that QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2013 will help them work more efficiently. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

A clean and simple experience. An improved user experience applies a unified look and feel, familiar interactions (i.e. a way of working that’s similar to popular web apps), and clear steps within and between workflows to make QuickBooks easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to look at.

QB2013 Ribbon

A new navigational Ribbon displays and groups the most commonly used menu items across the top of transaction forms, such as invoices and sales receipts. The ribbon provides quick access to controls small businesses need in forms – eliminating a number of clicks, and uncovering helpful features that users may overlook.

QB2013 NavPanel

A new Navigation Panel on the left side of the screen provides fast access to the most commonly visited parts of QuickBooks in one click. Users can add their favorite reports to the panel, so the latest insights about business performance are only a click away.

QB2013 Custom Contact Fields

Updates to the Centers enable users to consolidate and organize important customer and vendor information to save time searching for data typically stored outside of QuickBooks. Small businesses can now assign multiple contacts to customers and vendors, and pin to-do’s to customers. In addition, users can track twice as many types of contact information for customers and vendors, such as Facebook pages or Twitter handles.

QB2013 Add On Apps

Customize QuickBooks by easily connecting to third-party applications or running custom reports in one click. Tighter integration with the Intuit App Center enables small businesses to discover, try and access applications that integrate with and personalize the capabilities of QuickBooks based on their distinct needs in just one click.  QuickBooks recommends useful app solutions at appropriate moments as users work. Additionally, in the latest version of QuickBooks, the library of Contributed Reports has grown to more than 6,500 reports. These industry- and task-specific reports populate with QuickBooks data in just one click.

The 2013 version of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, including industry-specific versions, are scheduled to be available from Intuit on September 24 and in select retail stores beginning October 7.

For more information, please see the official press release.

About Monica Appelbe

Monica Appelbe is a member of Intuit’s Small Business communications team. A Pittsburgh native, her favorite hometown restaurants are family-owned small businesses.
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Quick Books 2013 has been a TOTAL PAIN.  I'm sorry, but "efficient" is the last word I would use for describing my business since upgrading.  I have 2 clients for whom I e-mail almost 200 statements every month, and cannot e-mail them through Quick Books.  You can imagine how much time it takes to do each one individually.

If I could revert the files to 2011 I would immediately.


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