It’s a Tasty Road to Success for Mobile Restaurants

The childhood pastime of following the ice cream truck on a hot summer day has been replaced with following your favorite food truck on Twitter.  And grabbing food from a restaurant on wheels means more than just ice cream either – today food trucks run the gambit from Indian to creme brulee.  Foodies everywhere are taking their delectable creations on the road and peddling their wares from a variety of locations all over town.

The food truck craze is being fueled in part by the surge of food-related reality TV shows including one about food trucks specifically (The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network), plus the truck owners and their passionate customers using social media to spread the buzz.  Try a Twitter search for “food truck” and you’ll see what we mean!

What’s the appeal of these mobile food experiences?  “The great thing about being mobile is you get to go into a community and really get to know the know the people you serve,” says Jae Kim, owner of Chi’lantro, one of Austin, Texas’ most popular mobile eateries. ”For us, it’s like bringing over a home cooked meal and breaking bread with the whole neighborhood.”

So how can you take your tasty creations on the road? There are a few hurdles, but it’s not as hard as you might think.  First, you’ll need a business license and a permit.  Second, a catchy name for your new endeavor always helps to drive buzz!  And third, Intuit can help with mobile solutions like GoPayment — which let you process payments wherever you park your truck!

Have you ever had a great food truck experience? Got a photo of a meal from your favorite mobile eatery? Tell us about here or post a pic on GoPayment’s Facebook Page.

About Melissa Tahan

Melissa Tahan works with Intuit’s Payments Solutions group as a Marketing Manager. A recent transplant from the east coast, she spends her weekends exploring the Bay Area and loves finding new boutiques and restaurants to try out.
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Hi Melissa,


     My Name is Kalev and I am starting my own food truck I would love to speak with you some time about your article. Please write to me. My email is

Melissa Tahan
Melissa Tahan

Gary--sounds like a great way to work outside! I've seen some carts around and I'm curious as to what kind of permits you would need as you're not taking up as much space as a full truck. I imagine the regulations still vary from city to city. Good luck with your venture!!!

Gary Tate
Gary Tate

Currently live in Atlanta, Ga - During Summer months "Hate" being inside working, like to research a concept to have a Cart with Permit to sell different products or items. Thank You.