How the Spring Thaw Affects Spending and Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

An unseasonably warm spring is showing signs of increased spending. As the temperatures started warming up, retail foot traffic increased by five percent compared to last year, with every U.S. region seeing a boost in average daily spending. Among the wares to see the greatest sales increase: lawn/garden supplies and shorts.

Click on the infographic below to see how the spring thaw affected various industries, regions, and workers.

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Infographic by Column Five

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Tammy Lam is on Intuit's small business communications team. She lives in San Francisco and loves using mobile apps to explore the city's endless array of local restaurants and nightlife. Follow her on Twitter at @Tam_Lam and share your favorite spots!
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@telvin_jeffries Thanks for sharing! Does weather change have a big impact on your biz? ^Ehsan


@STLCustomers Thanks for the tweet! Does the weather affect your business? ^Ehsan

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Hello Tammy, It was an Interesting post. I liked it . The info graphic that you have shared with us is auspicious. I appreciate your deep insight that you have shared with us via this blog. I fully agree with you that warm spring helps to increase the sales of small business.I really enjoyed the post, bookmarked it.


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