Grooming and Booming: The Pet Biz [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pets are family to lots of Americans, so it’s no surprise that U.S. households spend $41 billion annually on their pets. Small businesses constitute a significant share of the pet industry with almost one-third of pet stores being sole proprietorships. In this infographic, we break down the business of all things animal, looking at how it’s changed in recent years, which segments are the real moneymakers, and more. Click the infographic for an enlarged view.

Infographic by Column Five.

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About Monica Appelbe

Monica Appelbe is a member of Intuit’s Small Business communications team. A Pittsburgh native, her favorite hometown restaurants are family-owned small businesses.
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Pamela Rivera
Pamela Rivera

I have seen these statistics from 2008/2009. The chatter that I am getting from Pet Boutique owners in the mid-west is that customers are going back to basics because of a lack of discretionary income. They are selling coats and sweaters for dogs but not much more. Their staple is dog food and everything else is helping to add to the total sales. Some boutiques are adding groomers and pet photography services to help manage.Does anyone have the current dog product industry trends for 2010/2011?

SBS Associates, Inc.
SBS Associates, Inc.

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