Fourth Down and Out of Luck: The NFL Lockout and You [INFOGRAPHIC]

After Uncle Sam and Jersey Shore, there’s no more essential a part of American culture as football. Pro football has entire industries that live around its core business: food and beverage, merchandising, travel, and more. As a sport that bands together members of a city to identify themselves  with the team (“Steeler Nation,” “Cheeseheads”), football generates a ton of revenue for local businesses that capitalize on people’s hometown pride during football season.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that news of an NFL lockout was a massive blow to the small businesses who participate in the “football industry.” Even though intervention from the judicial system has ordered a lift on the lockout, analysts anticipate the owner-player disputes will continue. If it does, here’s what the NFL lockout could mean to small businesses. Click the infographic for an enlarged view.

Infographic by Column Five.



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About Monica Appelbe

Monica Appelbe is a member of Intuit’s Small Business communications team. A Pittsburgh native, her favorite hometown restaurants are family-owned small businesses.
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Ron Schwartz
Ron Schwartz

Amazing infographic. I did a lot of research in this area and had not found a lot of the data you have in that graphic. Well done.I posted an infographic on the history of pro sports lockouts of the last 40 years - you enjoy it like i enjoyed yours. cheers

Dave C.
Dave C.

It's unfortunate that the lockout battle is still dragging on. While fans are justifiably angry about how this is going on, your story shows us that jobs and small businesses are at stake if this continues to drag on.Thanks for the reminder, even if it's a sobering one.


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