Online Marketing Toolkit

How to Get Your Small Business on the Web

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Online Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small businesses get online through Intuit Website Services. In doing so, we often hear from small-business owners that they could use some help understanding …

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Building a Website for Your Business

In our introduction to this Online Marketing Toolkit, we noted that many people are going online in search of small-business information. If you want to make it easier for potential …

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Getting Your Business Website Found Online with Search Engine Optimization

In our previous post, we talked about how to approach building a website for your business. Now we’ll look at how to help customers find your site using search engine …

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Advertise Your Business Online with Search Engine Marketing

After you build your website and optimize it for organic search results, you can drive additional traffic to your site through search engine marketing. SEM generates visibility in the paid …

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Email Marketing to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Connecting with people via email can be an easy, effective way to market your small business online. To determine whether — and how — email could fit into your marketing …

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Join the Local Business Conversation with Social Media Marketing

The other posts in this Online Marketing Toolkit discussed marketing approaches that have a longer history than social media marketing. So before we can talk about how to approach social …