Where the Startup Seed Money Is

As our latest Intuit Small Business Employment and Revenue Indexes show, the small business economy is seeing a very slow recovery. In this struggling economic landscape, which industries are having the best luck attracting funders, and where is the money coming from? Hint: it could be us?

As part of our Love Our Local Business initiative, we’re helping 15 small businesses grow strong by granting each one a wish, valued at $5,000 each. Submit your wish for the things you need to grow your business, and vote for your favorites here.

Where else is that cash coming from? Click on the infographic below for an enlarged view of where startups all over the U.S. are getting seed money.

Intuit Startup Funding

Infographic by Column Five

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Tammy Lam is on Intuit's small business communications team. She lives in San Francisco and loves using mobile apps to explore the city's endless array of local restaurants and nightlife. Follow her on Twitter at @Tam_Lam and share your favorite spots!
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What are some ideas with respect to a retail brick & mortar as well as an internet presence; retail startup hair weave, extension, & wig business?





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