The Small Business Swindle: How Fraud Affects Independent Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s a topic that doesn’t usually come up in casual conversation, but take note: One out of four businesses have been victims of fraud, with an average loss of $50,000. Small businesses are disproportionately impacted because they typically have fewer checks and balances to prevent or detect fraud, making them ripe targets in the eyes of crooks.

In this infographic, we take a look at four main categories of fraud, how they affect small businesses, and what small businesses can do to protect themselves.

Infographic by Column Five.

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About Lynette Liu

Lynette Liu is a product manager in the Small Business Division at Intuit. She is proud to support local businesses and can often be found in the local ice cream shop doing just that!
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Lynette Liu
Lynette Liu

Kevin, thanks for the link. Small businesses do have a multitude of things to be aware of, and fraud and financing are two of the biggies!


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