The 5 Best Blogs for Small Business Financing

These days, it’s tough to find the money you need to start a business, let alone stay in business. To better understand the small business funding and financing options out there, here are five blogs that show you what’s available, how to best take advantage of them, plus winning strategies for scoring the capital you need to grow your company.

About Vanessa Richardson

Vanessa is a freelance writer in San Francisco who writes about small business and personal finance. She has been a staff writer for Money and Red Herring, and now writes frequently for sites like Bankrate, Entrepreneur, MSNBC and Money.
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  1. [...] never settled on anything else.  But a recent shout-out by Intuit, naming me to a list of “The 5 Top Blogs for Small Business Finance” made me a bit self-concious.  So as you have already noticed, I am working to re-brand this [...]