Lawn Butler Saves Time, Money with Intuit’s Direct Deposit, Pay Card

When Suzzie Douglas started a lawn-care business with her husband, Roy, in 1997, she was simply looking for a way to stay home with her young daughter. Fifteen years later, Lawn Butler & Landscaping of Jacksonville, Fla., has grown into a full-time, year-round operation that employs nearly a dozen people during the busy summer months.

“It’s a lot more hectic around here,” she says, particularly in accounting. Early on, Douglas issued paper checks to employees. The longtime QuickBooks user found it easy to run weekly checks, but she struggled with printer issues — and didn’t enjoy when employees discovered what other people were being paid or having to replace the occasional lost check.

Several employees had asked about direct deposit, because they often couldn’t get to the bank before it closed, Douglas says. So, when Intuit began offering direct deposit through QuickBooks, she signed up.

Having pay directly deposited into employee accounts meant the number of lost checks decreased, and employees were happy they didn’t have to worry about rushing to the bank on paydays, Douglas says. She also didn’t have to troubleshoot printer issues anymore.

While direct deposit was a great benefit, some of her employees still preferred paper checks. After several incidents of trouble cashing them — one worker was even robbed — Douglas added Intuit Pay Card Prepaid Visa® Cards as a method of paying employees. Using the Pay Card is similar to direct deposit. However, rather than depositing an employee’s pay into a checking account, the amount is “deposited” onto a Pay Card, which the employee keeps and uses like a debit card.

“Our employees love the Intuit Pay Cards,” Douglas says. “Many of them don’t have a credit card, so for them it’s like having the convenience of a credit card.” All new hires are paid with the Pay Cards, she says.

Douglas says she has saved money by using less printer ink and fewer paper checks and avoiding bank fees to cancel and replace checks. (She says employees have kept more of their pay in their pockets, too, by not having to pay check-cashing fees.) Douglas also doesn’t have to discuss pay rates or spend time printing pay-stub information, because employees have access to a secure website, ViewMyPaycheck, where they can see and print their own information.

“It takes a fraction of the time to run payroll with direct deposit and Pay Card than it used to with paper,” she says. “We are much more efficient.”

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