Intuit’s MoneyDue App Turns Your Calendar into a Payment Tool

Billing and keeping track of outstanding invoices can be a struggle for many sole proprietors, particularly freelance creatives and other contractors who bill various clients on an hourly basis.

“Many of these home-based businesses don’t use QuickBooks but rely on manual billing for payment,” says Raj Ganesan, an Intuit product manager. “They use different tools, like Word or Excel, to track what they’re owed and how they bill their customers. While their billing is generally triggered by their calendars, there’s no organizing principle behind it, so the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.”

As a result, Ganesan says, payments can get lost in the shuffle.

MoneyDue, a new app from Intuit PaymentNetwork, dramatically improves the invoicing process. This free, downloadable app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, allows users to turn calendar appointments into payment reminders. This helps small business owners save time by taking the extra step out of creating a payment reminder or invoice.

The MoneyDue app also gives users the ability to see payments owed and money received. Users have the option to request for bills to be paid online, by adding an online payment link to the reminders.

This feature can be used in conjunction with Intuit PaymentNetwork, giving both small business owners an easy, efficient way to send e-bills and get paid.

The features of the application are fairly simple. MoneyDue can:

  1. Track what you’re owed: Simply create new bills manually or add them
    directly from your iPhone calendar.
  2. Send e-bills: Create a free account with Intuit PaymentNetwork to
    send e-bills to your customers, with an optional link for online payments.
  3. Track what your customers pay you: You can record cash or check payments manually, or have payments update automatically if your customers click on the payment link to pay you online.

“The MoneyDue app enables you to track what you’re owed and to see what you’ve been paid at a glance,” Ganesan says. “It saves valuable time and eliminates the need for awkward payment conversations with clients.”

MoneyDue is available for free from Apple’s iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Lee Polevoi is an award-winning freelance copywriter and editor and a former Senior Writer for Vistage International, a global membership organization of chief executive officers. He writes frequently on issues and challenges faced by U.S. small businesses.
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