Introducing QuickBooks 2011

UPDATE: I wanted to fill you in on a new program we’re running to help QuickBooks 2011 users get up and running quickly called Get Started Right. Within the first 30-days after registering their products, new users have the opportunity to call in to an Intuit agent for free one-on-one guidance about the product and getting started. Learn more here.


I’m very pleased to share that we at Intuit announced QuickBooks 2011 today! Thank you so much for all of your feedback about how we can better serve your financial management needs with QuickBooks. Product development at Intuit relies on your requests and recommendations to make solutions that set up small businesses for success. In QuickBooks 2011, we zeroed in on helping you save time in the back office. We know you didn’t start your business to do your books, so we want QuickBooks to help you get back to doing what you love.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2011 will be available for purchase beginning Sept. 27 (more information here). Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

Get Faster Access to Insights

  • Customer Snapshot offers a consolidated view of an individual customer’s purchase history, average days to pay, and outstanding balance. This helps small businesses make timely decisions on customer requests.
  • QuickBooks Search lets users quickly locate any customer, account, report or invoice details within their QuickBooks repository with a simple keyword search.
  • Customer and Vendor History provides at-a-glance views of important customer and vendor details, such as history, estimates and past orders, on a single screen.
  • Balance Sheet by Class provides a way for QuickBooks Premier users to separately track multiple funds, departments or locations in a single, easy-to-access report.

Make Everyday Tasks More Efficient

  • Batch Invoicing lets small businesses owners who often bill many customers for the same service streamline the process by creating one template invoice to send to all related customers.
  • Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Integration allows businesses to easily send invoices, estimates, and other e-mails from their preferred webmail service directly from QuickBooks.
  • Collections Center helps users to quickly identify overdue and almost-due invoices, and then directly e-mail collection notices from their Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.
  • Intuit PaymentNetwork (sold separately) provides a way for a small business’s customers to instantly pay their invoices.

QuickBooks Mobile InvoicesAccess Essential QuickBooks Data On the Go

  • QuickBooks Connect (sold separately) provides access to essential QuickBooks customer and transaction data on the web or on a mobile phone. Users can create and manage invoices, pull customer information, check the status of a payment, and get real-time answers to questions on the go. Secure data automatically syncs with QuickBooks, so users will always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of QuickBooks 2011. In the meantime, I’m curious to know what feature you’re most excited for?

About Alex Hood

Alex Hood is the Group Product Manager for QuickBooks for Windows. His favorite part of the job is the time he spends face-to-face with small business owners and bookkeepers to better understand how we help them save time and make more money using QuickBooks.
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Thomas J Lenhart
Thomas J Lenhart

I now have quikbooks 2005 and want to know what product to upgrade to for taxes and such.

Eddie Lathan
Eddie Lathan

I am a real estate developer. One person with a need for payroll for one person . Am I better off with QB 2011 PRO or PREMIER?Thank you,Ed Lathan


Attn: QuickBooks Development:I own a construction company that does subcontract work for other construction companies in addition to being the prime contractor on many of our own projects. Several times I have brought to the attention of Intuit (through customer support) a problem with the way certain data is displayed and/or printed on various forms.Situation - My customer is “Smith Construction Co.”Smith Construction builds spec houses as well as custom houses for many different clients. Smith Construction needs pricing from me on several different phases of spec house being built on Lot 101. These may include Cabinets, Flooring, Tile, Carpet, Swimming Pool, etc. In QuickBooks, The Customer Name is entered as “Smith Construction”A Job under “Smith Construction” is entered as “Lot 101”Since Smith Construction is having several phases of the house on Lot 10 quoted by my company, each phase is entered as a sub job under the job “Lot 101” (Smith Construction:Lot 101:Cabinets). By doing this, I can track the profit or loss of each phase of the Lot 101 project being built by Smith Construction. Everything mentioned so far works and achieves my need for tracking the profit and loss as required.Here lies a problem that needs to be addressed by the QuickBooks development team. On any estimate or an invoice I send to Smith Construction, only the last portion of the job in the “Project/Job” field is displayed on that form. “Smith Construction:Lot 101:Cabinets” is displayed and printed only as “Cabinets” on an estimate or invoice. What I would like to be displayed is “Lot 101:Cabinets” so that my customer (Smith Construction) can identify which house this cabinet installation belongs to when looking at an estimate or invoice.Everything prints correctly on statements so I have to think this is an easy fix.Please let me know if this is something that can be added in future updates to QuickBooks.Sincerely, Kyle Bowser Tymeless Flooring QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11.00 30 user


I am currently running QuickBooks Pro 2009 on my Vista PC. I just purchased QuickBooks 2011 for my MacBookAir. Will I be able to share data files back and forth with each computer? Marilyn


Really crappy that the copy of QuickBooks for Mac that I just bought a couple months ago can not be upgraded to the new version. You should offer free upgrades for up to 12 months of purchase. That would be customer service!

Jay Badenhope
Jay Badenhope

Hi Robert, If you purchased that software within the last two months, it would be covered by Intuit's QuickBooks 60-day money back guarantee. For questions on the exact process please call 800-4-INTUIT (800-446-8848). Best wishes for your business, Jay B. (Intuit)