How Startups Get Started and Succeed [INFOGRAPHIC]

It seems every day there’s another story about a successful startup cashing in on the latest tech trend. And yet for every success story, there are far more examples of failed attempts trailing in its wake. The fact is that running a startup is tough work. The glamorous success stories are few and far between, and when they do become reality, it’s only after years of struggles, failures, and reinventions.

So, how can you ensure that you’re one of the winners and not part of the failed startup crowd? Click on the infographic below for some key insights.

infographic startup and grow

Infographic by Column Five.

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Well done. One change, drop the second SHOULD in the line HOW FAST SHOULD YOUR STARTUP (SHOULD) BE GROWING.:)

Danni Charis
Danni Charis

This is really needful and helpful article for the people who are going to start their business. Following these tips can surely bring the positive results to your starup.


Great article. Personally I'd like to add that Canada has a longer maturity period for startups. Due to smaller marker, one of the biggest challenges is to reach a wider audience.


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