10 iPad Apps for Small Business Finance

Apple’s latest member to the “i” family, the iPad, is not just another fancy electronic device. It’s turning into a lean, mean piece of hardware capable of turning small businesses into efficient mobile operations. Get control over your finances with these top small business finance apps for iPad.

1) Bloomberg for iPad (Free) – From stock, bonds, news, and podcasts, stay on top of the financial happenings in your industry with this finance app. While you’re at it, download the just-launched Bloomberg Businessweek app, which provides the same content as the print edition, coupled with an interactive reading experience. This app is free for Businessweek subscribers.

2) Time Master + Billing ($9.99) – This time tracking and invoicing app developed by On Core Software LLC boasts the average highest rating of all time management apps on the App Store. Perfect for any business person who does work based upon billable hours, this app lets you easily track your time and can even handle interruptions while working.

3) Expensify (Free) – We dare you to find anyone that likes filling out their expense report. Expensify helps make this often daunting task a little less terrifying. This app can log mileage, import credit card purchase history, and generate IRS-ready eReceipts. Take a picture of a receipt and attach the image to your expense report and submit your expense report right from your iPad.

4) Numbers ($9.99) – This spreadsheet for the iPad provides 250 functions and 16 templates, including those for invoicing and scheduling. See your data in chart form or export Excel or PDF files to send to your contacts.

5) StockWatch ($2.99) – Keep track of your portfolio and the stock market with this mobile app. With unlimited financial instrument tracking, 50 stock exchanges supported, and loads of other research tools, StockWatch is a comprehensive investor app.

6) CNBC Real-Time for iPad (Free) – Direct from the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges, this is the only free app that provides real-time streaming quotes before, during, and after the market closes. Interactive charts, personalized scrolling tickers, news, and videos are also available with this app.  Marketdash (Free) by Yahoo and FOX Business for iPad (Free) are similar tools.

7) Currency+ (Currency Exchange Rates Converter) ($1.99) – Any global business traveler will find changing money a breeze with this currency converter. Create a list of currency favorites out of 150 supported to get real-time conversions. FX Currency Ware (Free) and iCurrency Pad ($0.99) offer similar features.

8) EasyBooks (Free) – Simply put, EasyBooks is an easy-to-use booking and invoicing app that’s ideally suited for small businesses. This handy app keeps track of bank accounts, expenses, sales and purchase invoices, assets, earnings and more. You can reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements right in the app, and you a full double-entry accounting system lets you produce financial reports such as a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, audit report, and more. For a one time charge, you can add unlimited transactions to the free app.

9) Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal (Free) – Use your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) to accept secure credit card payments anytime or anywhere. Don’t ever miss a sale just because you don’t have access to a credit card terminal. Get paid at job sites or in meetings. Heck, you can even get paid on the golf course — and you get a free Intuit Credit Card reader to connect to your phone.

10) QuickBooks Connect - (Free for 30 days) – Automatically sync with your QuickBooks data, so you can quickly access key financial data when you’re out of the office.

Tell us about any other amazing small business finance apps you’ve found!

About Liz Magill

Elizabeth Magill is a professional writer who holds an MBA. She spent over 10 years working in management in an investment firm in corporate America. Liz focuses her writing on small business, career and work, personal finance, and health. Her clients include The Motley Fool, American News Report, Profitably, WorldStart.com, LIVESTRONG.com, Healthline, and many others. She's author of multimedia App and Vook Conduct a Job Interview: The Video Guide, blogger for IFXMedical.com, and contributing writer for Intuit Small Business Blog.
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Steve Stasinos
Steve Stasinos

If you need to track time, expenses, and mileage on your iPad (or iPhone), we have a product called iSlips For QuickBooks. It was not available at the time this article was written, and I hope visitors will consider checking it out.You can find more information here:www.islipsforquickbooks.comThanks,Steve Stasinos Brain Freeze Software


I love that Bill.com works fabulously on the iPad without even needing an app and is an awesome QuickBooks add-on! Completely ties together processes, data synching, document collaboration and provides a great cash view. Easy, anytime access, nothing to download/update. (disclosure...I work at Bill.com, but I LOVE the product!)

Liz Magill
Liz Magill

Hi Elliot,I think these apps are helpful for the small business owner even in the current economic environment -- perhaps even more so. Thanks for your comment.Liz

Liz Magill
Liz Magill

Thanks for the comment JB. Expensify is a great app for organizing expenses and receipts. And it's free too!Liz Magill

San Diego Bookkeeper
San Diego Bookkeeper

Great list! These are super helpful, especially because many business owners, both small and large, have a hard time keeping themselves organized financially. We recommend Expensify quite a bit actually, as there is nothing more difficult than combing through hundreds or even thousands of receipts come tax time to try and find deductions.Thanks again!- JB


  1. [...] 2. Email invoices and receipts to customers using smart phone/iPad/tablet apps or with some minor costs, accounting software programs. Banks, grocery stores, drug stores, temporary retail marquees (think farmers markets or event expos) are swiftly moving toward generating electronic billing statements and credit card/cash receipts for clients so that they can save on the costs of paper, credit card machines, etc. When we are on client sites, we spend the last ten minutes of each audit or consulting visit talking about next steps and generating an invoice for our client. Not only does this assist in generating immediate revenue into the business, it has increased customer satisfaction because the client is PART OF the invoicing process: they know exactly what we are charging for and why. The process includes generating an electronic invoice on our iPad through Quickbooks online ($9.99/month), and then emailing it to the client immediately. We double check the invoice made it to our client’s email and then we either move forward with payment via PayPal or have the client generate a check (this greatly depends on the type of client and their internal accounts payable procedures). For those clients who pay immediately, we generate a receipt for payment using Quickbooks online (after transferring the PayPal transaction into Quickbooks) and email that as well. For those clients who mail a check, we use our smart phone to deposit the check when it comes in and then generate at receipt via Quickbooks online after logging in the transaction. If you need an app, consider one of these suggestions from Intuit. [...]

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