Using SEO Analytics Services to Boost Your Website Rankings

The field of search-engine optimization, or SEO, has changed dramatically in the past few years, thanks to Google’s algorithm updates. Today, the best way to increase your website’s ranking for specific keywords in search results is to publish high-quality content that drives backlinks from credible sources.

Various SEO analysis services can help you track your target keywords and backlinks. Here are four leading providers and what they offer.

Moz Analytics — This powerful service gives you all of the resources you’ll need to gauge your company’s presence on the web, and then teaches you how to improve it. Its suite of tools includes unlimited access to Open Site Explorer, which allows you to see which sites are linking to yours and displays your “page authority,” or how well your site ranks in search. Moz Analytics also provides keyword-tracking reports that show you where your chosen terms come up in search results over time and on-page optimization reports that give you steps for improving your search rank on specific pages. Moz Analytics also offers a 30-day free trial of its standard version, with ongoing service starting at $99 a month. (Limited access to Open Site Explorer is available without a paid membership.)

SpyFu — Want to know what you should be doing to promote your company online? Check out what your successful competitors are doing! SpyFu helps you uncover what keywords are driving organic search results to your competitors’ websites. It also enables you to see all of the Google AdWords campaigns they’ve paid for. You can get a limited amount of data through its free trial, but access to SpyFu’s full toolset requires a premium plan. Prices start at $79 per month.

WooRank — This service offers a free, automated “website review” that provides you with a checklist on how to optimize your business’s website, including SEO improvement strategies, usability, and mobile accessibility. The initial report of your homepage is free; after a seven-day free trial, ongoing access to optimization tips for specific pages of your site costs $49 per month (for one site) and up.

WordStream — WordStream offers free and premium tools to help businesses find relevant keyword phrases to target for organic and paid search marketing. The free keyword tool lets you discover key phrase opportunities that are closely related to those that you suggest, and the paid services help you optimize your pay-per-click keyword advertising campaigns with detailed analytic reports. The SEO keyword tools are free (with daily limits), but the pay-per-click reporting services start at $349 on a per-month basis, or $225 a month if you pre-pay for a year in advance.

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Kathryn Hawkins is a principal at the content marketing agency Eucalypt Media. She's written about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship for publications including BNET,,, and owns and operates the positive news site Gimundo. Follow her on Twitter at @kathrynhawkins.
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I personally just use the Google's Analytics as well as the webmaster tool. They're pretty much effective in guiding my SEO issues. I love the fact that the web tool helps a lot in indexing and tracking most valuable metrics.


Kathryn, it is a great post and these sources are much more credible for doing well for our sites and SEO analytics there are so many things come in the market but these sources are more authentic and provides the best services according to the needs of the market. Your post is great for the SEO to get the best SEO analytics services from these valid sources.

Katherine Tattersfield
Katherine Tattersfield

Nice list! I'm a big Moz fan. They provide tons of free info to help you understand all aspects of inbound marketing. And they have an awesome mascot, Roger!


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