How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More

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Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in the Age of Social Media?

With so many small businesses interacting directly with customers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, email can seem outdated as a marketing tool. But don’t write it off …


9 Steps to Making Your Online Content Go Viral

Content marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to promote your brand and build consumer confidence in your business. However, compiling loads of content on your company’s website is a …

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Entrepreneurs Share Clever Holiday Gift-Giving Tips

Looking for holiday gift ideas beyond generic fruit baskets or cookie tins, which your customers may appreciate but may not remember (or possibly even realize) you gave them? The Intuit …


How to Get Better Results From Google AdWords Campaigns

There’s a good reason that Google AdWords is popular with online marketers: It provides a highly effective means of driving new prospects to a company’s website and converting them into customers. Businesses …

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How to Lure More Holiday Shoppers

Americans will spend an average of $737.95 each on holiday gifts, decor, greeting cards, and more this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s latest consumer spending survey. Shoppers will …

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9 Sales Tips From Dale Carnegie

What can the modern small-business owner learn from Dale Carnegie, a man who was born in 1888 and died in 1955? A lot, if you believe the many entrepreneurs, from …

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How to Build Relationships With Your Customers Via Social Media

Like it or not, how your brand is perceived online influences buyer behavior. In a recent social media study by J.D. Power & Associates, 87 percent of satisfied customers said their online …

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Do You and Your Business Need a Publicist?

When you’re hosting an event, launching a new product, or intentionally calling attention to your business in some other way, it’s tempting to skip paying a publicist to get media …

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Creating a Smart Returns Policy

From wholesale giant Costco to clothing retailer L.L. Bean, corporate America has trained consumers to expect wide-open store policies that offer few, if any, impediments to returning items in exchange …

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Expert Advice on Working With Big Businesses

If you’re hoping to cater to corporate giants as prime customers, be careful what you wish for: Although large contracts generally help you move more inventory and enable you to …

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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective small-business strategies for reaping the benefits of social networks. But it works only when your words, images, videos, and the like are both …

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How to Turn Your Customers Into Marketers

If you aren’t asking your loyal customers to get the word out about your products or services, you’re missing a free — and highly effective — marketing opportunity. With some …

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Can Discovery Commerce Work for Your Small Business?

Is discovery commerce — the practice of selling a regular subscription to a bundle of products that you choose for the customer — a model that small-business owners can use to their advantage? It’s …

decades of fashion

Serial Entrepreneur Finds a New Market in Old Clothing

Decades of Fashion is the latest in a long line of business ventures for serial entrepreneur Cicely Hansen. Fascinated by vintage clothing and accessories since she was five years old, Hansen …

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Hate Sales? Try These 4 Tactics

Most entrepreneurs recognize that selling more goods or services is key to growing a business. But that recognition is of little help to entrepreneurs whose introverted personalities are geared more …

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