How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More

happy customer

How to Make a Great First Impression on Customers

People who feel welcome at your place of business are far more likely to return than those who don’t. Beyond that, both satisfied and dissatisfied customers are bound to share …

pr crisis

Keep Your Small PR Problem From Becoming a Big Crisis

Rare is the company that doesn’t encounter an occasional PR problem. Perhaps a customer feels insulted, or an employee sends a revealing email to the wrong person, or a rival …

web ads

What Is Ad Retargeting?

Have you ever felt like an advertiser was stalking you online? You clicked on a website, and for weeks afterward you were served display ads from that company encouraging you …

small business big game

Want Your Own Ad at Football’s Biggest Game? Intuit Launches a Game-Changing Experience for Small Business Owners

It’s the pinnacle of advertising, the kind of TV spot that small business owners dream of: a commercial during football’s biggest game. That dream is becoming a reality, thanks to …

holly green

Holly Green on Her Unique Business Niche

Seasoned esthetician Holly Green, owner of Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge in Ithaca, N.Y., wanted people to see facials as more than merely cosmetic. So she pursued a certification in oncology …

go viral

9 Steps to Making Your Online Content Go Viral

Content marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to promote your brand and build consumer confidence in your business. However, compiling loads of content on your company’s website is …

party time

Make Your Next Business Event a Success

Hosting a party, a conference, or another type of event can be a great way to promote your company, sell products or services, and forge new business relationships. But you’ll …

customer loyalty

4 Tips for Creating a Customer for Life

Do you work to retain your current customers, or are you mostly focused on finding new ones? Savvy business owners try to build relationships with everyone who visits their store …

apple bite

Are You a Social Media Sinner?

A recent Intuit infographic shows that more than 9 million U.S. small businesses maintain some sort of social media presence. Yet, despite its popularity, social media “remains one of the …

Erin J. Morgart

Beware of Fake Social Media Profiles

The topic of identity theft makes headlines every year during tax season, which is understandable, considering the potential financial impact of fake claims. But there’s growing type of fraud that …

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dusty old computer

How to Revive Your Inactive Social Media Accounts

Is your most recent tweet the relic of a sale you held a year ago? Does the top post on your Facebook business page show a seasonal outdoor photo from …

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How to Make Your E-Commerce Website Social

Back in 2005, former caterers Ron Berrett and his wife, Maggie, started Royal Palm Event Supply to sell hard-to-find event supplies and table linens. Their profits turned out to be …

Business Professionals

4 Types of Digital Influencers and How to Connect With Them

Let’s face it: The internet has changed the way that U.S. consumers find and share information. Now anyone can publicly broadcast insight and advice, so self-proclaimed “experts” are blogging, using …

market segmentation

What Is Market Segmentation and How Can It Increase Sales?

Who are you targeting with your advertising campaigns? If you’re producing general promotions and placing them in front of a general population, known as mass marketing, the ROI generated from …


In the Trenches: Crisis Mode

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Asiana Airlines crash landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on July 6. Although the news didn’t affect many small businesses, it had …

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