How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More

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What BuzzFeed Can Teach You About Writing a Viral-Worthy Headline

The fact that you’re reading this post immediately suggests two things: First, you clicked on a link because its headline enticed you. Second, you recognize the website BuzzFeed as a …

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Why Social Media Isn’t Paying Off for Your Business

Ever wonder why you even bother with social media? Does it seem as if your tweets, likes, status updates, and other online missives aren’t yielding any return? Don’t blame Twitter …

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4 Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Online Presence

As your business gains popularity, people are likely to start talking about it online more frequently — via blogs, consumer-review sites, and social media networks. But is everything they’re saying …


6 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Second Location

It’s natural to think “grow, grow, grow” when it comes to your business. And a major growth moment for many small enterprises is opening a second location. This is a …

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Advertising, Referrals, and Reviews: How Shoppers Decide Where to Spend

Whether you’re selling products in stores or online, how do you influence potential customers to buy your goods? If you aren’t sure how to answer that question, you may be …

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Twitter Survey Shows How Business Tweets Produce Tangible Results

As a small-business owner, you’re sold on using social media to engage with customers and to build brand awareness. But you aren’t sure how much potential your Twitter presence really …

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6 Marketing Ideas for Fall

Summer is officially over, and you aren’t quite ready to set up your Christmas display. How can you keep your marketing momentum going for the next few weeks? “There are …

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Keep Shoppers Happy by Catering to Their Kids

Children may not have much disposable income, but small-business owners shouldn’t underestimate the power of accommodating the 13-and-under set. Families are increasingly letting kids make buying decisions, so how you …

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Tips for Being Interviewed by the Media

Congratulations! Your PR efforts have paid off and you’ve landed an interview with a reporter. It’s important to realize that, unlike at your small business, where you call the shots, …

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Can Store Security Cameras Also Improve Sales?

Security cameras are a necessary investment for many small businesses, in order to protect property and prevent merchandise theft and other crimes. Since you already own these devices, wouldn’t it …

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3 Effective But Overlooked Offline Marketing Strategies

If you want your business to succeed in the 21st century, you need an online marketing strategy. Without one, you’ll lose market share by ignoring what is arguably the most …

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What’s the Best Content to Post on Social Media Sites?

“The single most important factor for making social media campaigns successful is content,” says Santanu Bhattacharya, CEO and founder of Salorix, a provider of online data and advice for effectively using it …

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6 Tips for Handling Your Own PR

All of those stories you read online or see on TV — the ones quoting or interviewing small-business owners like you — don’t happen by accident. Someone at those companies …

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How to Get Prospects to Stampede to Your Trade Show Booth

If your small business exhibits at trade shows or conferences, you know both the importance — and the difficulty — of generating substantial traffic from attendees. To bring more people …

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