In the Trenches: Missing Something Good

Being a blogger and a small business owner, I get a silly number of email solicitations every day. That sheer volume of junk leads to some poor decisions: Every so often, it means I miss something good.

It really is a shame how much garbage gets sent through email. I can’t tell you how many lists I’ve ended up on that have no relevance to what I’m doing with blogging or with the concierge business. That leads me to make quick decisions.

Most of it goes immediately into spam or at least gets deleted. But even after the filtering, for the rest of the things that catch my eye, I still feel like I don’t have the time to actually review the product or service adequately, except on rare occasion.

For example, there was a tool that I had evaluated briefly a few months ago for the concierge business. At the time, I didn’t really see the value. It was complementary to the business, but it cost money and it didn’t seem like it provided enough of a benefit to bother paying for it.

Fast forward a month down the line, when we’ve had a couple of service hiccups where a client update was missed. (These were actually clients I was handling myself.)

I offered the proper apologies and the client stuck with us, but any sort of service failure gets me working on a fix ASAP. Sure enough, that tool that I had passed on before could have solved the problem. I’m now using it today with great success.

Had I not received such a crushing number of emails pushing this or that on me, I might have had more time to review this product and seen that it really could have helped earlier.

How do you deal with spam and unwelcome solicitations?

About Brett Snyder

Brett is the Founder and President of Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. He also writes the consumer air travel blog, The Cranky Flier.
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Ed Kelty
Ed Kelty

My wife always teases me about scanning my e-mail and snail mail. However, every once in a while there is a real winner. The trick is to be a fast reader or scanner.

judy nagy
judy nagy

Numerous email addresses won't help, you want to "filter" unsolicited emails, no telling which of your addresses they'll choose. I'm like you, I just know I'm missing good stuff by deleting so many emails. I do forward some to an email address that I access at home when I have more time to read them. But as you know, that's a small number!But as a small biz owner and a blogger, you really have to filter your own emails, unless you are blessed with a mind-reading assistant. I delete the obvious, save the possibles in a folder and allocate an hour twice a week to reviewing them. This is actually a wonderful task when I'm feeling braindead and don't really want to work. And I'm quick to save "maybe" emails in various folders, I'd rather have access to a new trick three weeks later than delete it. For stuff that I'm sure I'll want sometime, I forward it with a new subject line that makes sense to me, saving it and being able to retreive it fast when I need it. Probably once a quarter I zip through them and delete lots. Nothing for it, my dear, but to set aside a little time for housekeeping. Sure beats desperately trying to find something you saw maybe 6 months ago.

Quincy jacobs
Quincy jacobs

Have multiple emails...there are so many free ones out there and with everything else being so expensive why not take advantage of something that is truly free! Dedicate one email for hopefuls and another for set clients and you will never have to worry about it. Hope this helps


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