How to Market Your Business through Mobile Advertising

An ever-growing percentage of the population is using smartphones and other mobile browsers to access the web. So, in addition to creating marketing campaigns focused around traditional internet advertising, it makes sense to focus some of your marketing dollars around building a mobile advertising program, too. Here are some strategies for creating a compelling mobile marketing campaign.

Create targeted ads for a variety of demographics. It’s a stereotype that only teens are addicted to their phones: more than four out of five people in America have mobile phones, and as many as 45 million of those regularly use the mobile web. Mobile browsing is popular among all ethnicities and people of a wide variety of ages. To appeal to this diverse range of users, create specific campaigns aimed at particular age groups by changing your messages and varying the sites where your ads appear according to their audience statistics.

Choose the type of ad that suits your needs. As with more traditional internet advertising, you can purchase clickable banners, text links, video ads, in-app promotions, and many other types of ads. The smaller screen size doesn’t really limit the promotional possibilities. If you’re considering a mobile marketing campaign, think carefully about which types of mobile ads best suit your brand: If you’re after brand impressions, a banner ad may be a good bet; if you want people clicking on your site, go for a text ad.

Create an ad that will captivate a reader. Particularly when it comes to banner ads, mobile advertisements take up a large amount of space relative to the size of a user’s screen. And, unlike on computers, there is generally only space for one banner ad on the screen at a time. This means that the ads are more likely to get the user’s attention, so make sure that your ads are well-designed and promote the right message for your brand.

Target your campaign according to search keyword, location, or another variable. As with computer advertising, you can purchase keyword ads for mobile browsers — Google and Yahoo both offer popular mobile pay-per-click keyword buying opportunities. However, mobile marketing also offers the opportunity to target your audience by location when they are nearby. Joe Meyer, CEO of HotStop, a navigation app, claims that such ads have 20 percent higher clickthrough rates than traditional online ads. If you own a retail store, location-based mobile advertising may be the right approach for you.

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Kathryn Hawkins is a principal at the content marketing agency Eucalypt Media. She's written about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship for publications including BNET,,, and owns and operates the positive news site Gimundo. Follow her on Twitter at @kathrynhawkins.
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One thing to be mindful of (if you're new at this) is to go beyond the familiar constraints of a banner ad. Today, at formats are getting really creative and they're generating much deeper engagement than a typical banner. Not saying banners are bad or won't work for you. Just be aware of all your options as you travel down this path. There are some highly innovative mobile ad formats, tools and resources out there today that are perfect for small businesses to take advantage of -

Dev Bhatia
Dev Bhatia

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