How to Make Someone Fall in Love [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re single or not, as a small business owner there’s one relationship you have to  maintain, and that’s the one with your customers. Check out the infographic below for some easy ways to ensure your customer relationship is a long, fruitful, happy one.

Infographic by Column Five

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Tammy Lam is on Intuit's small business communications team. She lives in San Francisco and loves using mobile apps to explore the city's endless array of local restaurants and nightlife. Follow her on Twitter at @Tam_Lam and share your favorite spots!
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Its very difficult to manage a business if you are the lone owner cum worker of that business. In my you need to have atleast a small group of 5 member team, so that you can perform your duties more efficiently. I some feels I am tired with my small online business I have. When some one follows me on twitter, I need to follow them back.

Sarah Curtis
Sarah Curtis

Enjoyed reading it! It was a very interesting read, combining business and relationship!


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