How to Develop a Savvy Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business [VIDEO]

Today’s digital media landscape is littered with a dizzying array of social networks, from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to YouTube, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. So, it should come as no surprise that the number of small businesses engaging with their customers online increases every day. However, having a presence on social networks doesn’t guarantee that your social media strategy is an effective one.

Steve Dalton, director of business development for Golden Technologies, says the majority of U.S. small-business owners today are completely removed from the social media scene. “Most small businesses don’t want to be on social media because it seems overly transparent and a little bit scary,” he says, noting that entrepreneurs who overlook social networks ultimately do so at their own promotional peril.

Dalton and his web-savvy team at Golden Technologies help small- and medium-sized businesses nationwide develop workable, highly sophisticated strategies for online marketing, including social media advertising. Dalton says that using social media in a smart, effective way doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Recently, the social media guru sat down with the Intuit Small Business Blog to share some thoughts and suggestions for developing a small-business social media strategy.

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