Five Unusual Ways to Get Your Small Business on the Radar

When it comes to standing out in the business world, you have to pull out all the stops.  It’s not enough to simply start a blog or market to your customers through Facebook and Twitter.  You need to identify what makes you different from the competition and capitalize on it.

Here are five ways to get noticed that you’ve probably not thought about.

1) Create a customized stamp featuring your business name and website address – Want to get people interested in what you have to offer?  Why not stamp 100 one dollar bills with your company name and URL and use them at the supermarket, dry cleaners, and movie theater?  Not only will you earn points for originality, you increase your customer base in a matter of seconds as each bill changes hands over and over again. (Note: This may technically be illegal.)

2) Wrap your car - Essentially a moving billboard, your car can feature important information about your business.  Telephone numbers, web addresses, as well as a logo and slogan can be used to draw attention. offers business owners financing options and has nationwide car wrap coverage.

3) Make an app - What better way to reach millions of people than through their iPod or Smartphone? Offer your customers a free and relevant application and watch people flock to it.

4) Make your video go viral - Old Spice had the right idea when it cast Isaiah Mustafa, a former player for the NFL, in its commercials.  The company’s Super Bowl ad won an Emmy and the athlete turned actor was selected to host TBS’s “Funniest Commercials of the Year 2010.”  Personalized responses from Mustafa via various social media outlets helped propel the ad campaign’s success.

5) Sponsor a youth sports team – Have your company name and web address printed on the shirts of all the players.  As the girls and boys enter the field, rink or court, spectators will be able to identify one of their biggest supporters — you!

About Charissa Arsaoui

Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer and internet marketer. Between writing for a number of businesses and publications, she manages to find the time to pursue her other interests which include travel, photography, and crafting. You can read some of her work at
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Christopher Null
Christopher Null

Bill, thank you for your note.While this is a gray area of the law, doodling on money is not really illegal and has virtually never been prosecuted. The relevant US Code on this subject can be found here: (Even more info here: )As you can see, what is illegal is defacing or destroying money "with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued." A company logo would probably not make a dollar bill unfit to be reissued, in fact, if it did that would make Charissa's idea quite useless.While we appreciate your input and concern -- and do not advocate lawlessness among our readers -- this is a fun and fanciful idea and a truly victimless crime, if it's a "crime" at all.Chris N., Intuit Small Business Blog Editor

Jay Badenhope
Jay Badenhope

Hi Bill, You raise a valid concern. We certainly don't want to advocate illegal activity. We're in the process of re-reviewing this post. Regards, Jay B. (Intuit)

Bill Winkler
Bill Winkler

Anyone that would deface money or anything for that matter, to promote themselves or there company is an A hole. Why not suggest tagging private property with spray paint. The writer of this article shows a lack of maturity. Grow up!


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