7 Ways to Use Online Video to Market Your Small Business

If your small business hasn’t jumped on the video marketing bandwagon yet, research and statistics suggest it’s time to put your products, business, or yourself out there for the video-enthused world to see.

Cisco reports that internet video now accounts for 40 percent of consumer web traffic, and by the end of 2015, internet video will be 90 percent of global consumer internet traffic and 64 percent of mobile traffic. If those statistics alone aren’t convincing enough, try these:

Now that you know the impact of video marketing, how do you actually use videos in your small business content marketing campaign? Take a look at these seven ways.

  1. Showcase your products – “Show and Tell” is a popular children’s classroom event, and consumers love it too. If you sell a tangible product, photos are good, but videos are better. Consider showing video snippets of your product production in action too.
  2. Showcase yourself – Consumers are always curious about seeing the people behind a business. While company employee photos are appreciated, video staff profiles help your employees come to life and can give customers more of a personal connection to your small business. You need not only show off key high-ranking company officials either; consider videos showcasing employees in all departments.
  3. Create how-to videos – Does your company provide instructional materials in text either to download or included with a purchase? As any TV owner knows, these how-to manuals can be dry and boring. Make your instructions come alive by recording how-to videos like this one. While installing a dishwasher isn’t on anyone’s bucket list, learning how to do it by watching a video sure beats reading a 156 page manual. What’s more, how-to videos often receive high rankings in search engines, providing even more exposure.
  4. Answer common customer questions – Most businesses have regular questions that customers routinely call the customer service line to discuss. If you find that you get asked the same questions from consumers over and over again, a video may be a quick way to help those customers out. It also might help to reduce the strain on your customer service team by offering online videos of these popular product or business questions.
  5. Expand your “About Us” page – Supplement your “About Us” text content describing your business and location by including a video providing an insider’s look into your office space.
  6. Use a video survey or poll - Customer polls and surveys aren’t new, but video surveys are. When requesting feedback from customers, consider adding a personal touch by sending the request for feedback with a personal invitation video. You’re more likely to get an insightful response with a personal video request.
  7. Tell your story – Do you have a unique story to tell? Did your business evolve in response to a challenge or obstacle? It’s human nature to love a feel good story, so share yours in video form.

About Liz Magill

Elizabeth Magill is a professional writer who holds an MBA. She spent over 10 years working in management in an investment firm in corporate America. Liz focuses her writing on small business, career and work, personal finance, and health. Her clients include The Motley Fool, American News Report, Profitably, WorldStart.com, LIVESTRONG.com, Healthline, and many others. She's author of multimedia App and Vook Conduct a Job Interview: The Video Guide, blogger for IFXMedical.com, and contributing writer for Intuit Small Business Blog.
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Online videos are a very effective way to promote a business and nowadays there are many kinds of different applications make it more popular like in January 2013 twitter launched an application that is vine video mobile based application which allows us to create and share a 6 second video. So, online videos have great importance and we can demonstrate each thing related to a business in it.