How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More


How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Other Social Networks

Any business navigating the world of social media marketing needs to know how to use hashtags. What is a hashtag? On Twitter, a hashtag (denoted by the # symbol) turns …

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domain name

Should You Buy a New Top-Level Domain Name for Your Business?

Now it’s easier than ever before to buy a branded URL for your business. With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ rollout of more than 1,400 themed domain …

business communications

In the Trenches: Communicating How We Work More Clearly

We just had our annual Cranky Concierge get together in June, and as always, it was a lively couple of days. We came up with a laundry list of things …

instant gratification

How to Market to a World Hooked on Instant Gratification

It’s no longer enough to give customers great service and competitive prices. Today, they want all of that — and they want it now. With the advent of modern technology …

google search logo

4 Smart Ways to Get a Better Google Ranking Today

Google has fine-tuned its algorithms many times over the years, making it a challenge for businesses that rely on web search referrals to keep up. The truth is, unless you …

Eating Retrocorn

Popcorn Entrepreneur Markets the Flavors of Childhood

Popcorn is all the rage across the pond, and Greg Taylor’s unusual popcorn company, Retrocorn, based in Essex, England, is putting a new spin on the U.K.’s latest snacking obsession. Taylor’s strategy: …

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Free Marketing on Facebook Is Dead. What Now?

If you’re not paying for Facebook advertising, all that work you put into building a Facebook fan base on your company page is most likely not reaping the returns it …

Mark Poulin

Marketing Tips From an Etsy Power User

“Marketing online is all about photography now,” says veteran jeweler Mark Poulin. “I’m selling photographs.” For the past 20 years, Poulin (pictured) has been selling enamel jewelry featuring whimsical depictions …


Surprise Your Customers to Build Loyalty

Customers generally expect to get what they pay for. If you go beyond that to deliver something extra and unexpected, you can set your company apart from the competition. To …


Ready to Rebrand? Entrepreneurs Share Lessons Learned

When your small business outgrows your original vision or your target market shifts, rebranding may be in order. But updating your image and messaging can be risky. So, how do …

Skype button logo

Skype Your Way to a Better Bottom Line

Since its release in 2003, Skype — the world’s first practical VoIP service with video — has enabled geographically distant colleagues to converse as close as face-to-face as possible without …


Social Media: Keeping Up With the Competition

You want to keep tabs on your competitors’ social media activity, but staying on top of your own online initiatives and overall presence is already a time-consuming chore. How can …

Social media

Building a Successful Social Media Campaign

As an entrepreneur, you know all about the power of social media: It can help you build your brand, promote your business, and connect with customers. But before you write …

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Facebook Reaches Out to Small-Business Owners

In an effort to learn more about how its social network fuels business success, Facebook is reaching out to expert entrepreneurs through its newly formed Small and Medium Business Council. …

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