The Accidental Contractor

Greg Rocha never meant to become a general contractor.  Rocha started as a carpenter, but now, for the last eight years, he has owned and managed Rocha and Son Construction in Montera, California.

Rocha started out as a carpenter and intended to spend his career as one.  He worked with a large general contractor who would assign work out based on skill sets.  As the contractor called out the skill sets he needed for each job, Rocha realized that many of those necessary skills couldn’t be performed by a carpenter.

So Rocha set out to learn, picking up numerous other skills besides carpentry. Eventually Rocha had picked up so many new skills that he became a highly sought-after contractor himself.  He continued to work for other people during the week, but ran his own jobs over the weekend.  He was so heavily in demand that he finally decided to that he needed to take three months off from this “day job” in order to finish all of his weekend work.

He planned to return to his regular job after three months.  But, by the end of that time, the work was still rolling in.  Rocha finally went off on his own, had a logo designed, got a license, and began work full-time as a general contractor, Rocha and Son. But the biggest lesson from his early days in the biz remains: Never stop seeking out and acquiring new skills, because they can open up avenues and business opportunities that you may never have thought possible before.

Although the economy has created some hardships for many contractors, including Rocha, he continues to survive in his business by providing high quality work.  Rocha says, “I want to leave each customer happy.  It’s about quality work.  If I do that, I will continue to get new jobs.”

After eight years in business, the mantra in the town of Montera is, “Need a contractor?  Call Rocha.”

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Laura Messerschmitt is a Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit. Her favorite part of the job is visiting small businesses to learn about what’s helping them succeed. Laura has traveled to over 75 countries. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and racing dragon boats.
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funny how life works, rarely is the path that one chooses at first the one that will be the true path in the end but starting is important since that is what does lead from one to another and in the end, the real aim of life, congratulations to Greg!

Jack Hampton
Jack Hampton

Hi Laura,

I like your information article