Telltale Signs of a Small Business Superfan [INFOGRAPHIC]

The “buy local” trend has been gaining momentum all over the U.S. as more and more consumers are beginning to understand its positive effects on them, their community, and the environment. But who in your community is the biggest local biz booster? How do you recognize a small business superfan? Check out the infographic below for the telltale signs of one, and see how they benefit their neighborhood and, ultimately, the country.

Fancy yourself a “superfan” of a local small business? Know someone who embodies all these traits?  Share with us on Facebook and Twitter if these signs remind you of anyone you know.

Do you know of  a local business that could use a $5,000 gift? Tell them about We’re granting one $5,000 wish daily for 15 days to deserving businesses.

small business superfan

Infographic by Column Five

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About Tammy Lam

Tammy Lam is on Intuit's small business communications team. She lives in San Francisco and loves using mobile apps to explore the city's endless array of local restaurants and nightlife. Follow her on Twitter at @Tam_Lam and share your favorite spots!
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