How Small Businesses Compete Regionally


Intuit Creates Buzz for Honeybee Rescue Business

On a school field trip to a natural history museum, 8-year-old Bill Walters discovered his life’s passion: beekeeping. “I wandered away from the class and got in trouble for it,” …


Wish Granted for Green Bay’s Only Autism Treatment Center

About one of every 88 American children today has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. …


Intuit Goes to the Dogs (for a Good Cause)

For Dawn Henson of Beaumont, Texas, it was love at first sight. Perusing Facebook late one evening in July 2011, Henson saw an unforgettable photo of an aging and seriously …


Well-Crafted Business Signs Draw More Customers

A well-crafted business sign is critical to making a good first impression on potential customers — and building brand awareness. Whether it’s a sign on your retail storefront or a …

chamber of commerce

Why You Should Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

In the era of email, social media, and texting, local chambers of commerce may seem like dinosaurs. However, these business organizations remain one of the best ways to network with …

Todd and Sonya Fourth of July

How to Become a Local Media Darling

Newk’s Express Café franchisee Todd Jackson first appeared on Good Day Alabama as a solo act, but he has no misconceptions about why the producers keep asking him back. His …

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Is There Silicon Beyond the Valley? [INFOGRAPHIC]

California’s Silicon Valley is credited by many to be the epicenter of technology and innovation in the U.S., but as rental rates continue to climb in the area, startups are …

child care

Running a Drop-In Day Care Service for Your Customers

It can be tough for parents of young children to get to places like the gym or the grocery store. When they know it’s going to be a struggle to …

small business growing strong

Intuit Helps Small Businesses Spring Forward in New Campaign

Spring has a way of making everything fresh again, including opportunities for small businesses! In that spirit, Intuit plans to help 15 more small-business owners get what they need this …

bbb logo

Improve Your Better Business Bureau Rating With These Tips

A business’s rating with the Better Business Bureau can make a difference in the number of consumers it attracts. Savvy customers may check these scores — often viewed as stamps …


How to Get Your Business to Rank Highly in Local Search Results for Free

Is it easy for customers to find you? The answer to that question may rely heavily on how your small business ranks in local search results. Local search gives priority to neighborhood …

KWLT exterior

The Show Will Go On Thanks to Granted Wish from Intuit

When it comes to the entertainment business, the show must always go on. But on July 19, 2002, the Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre (KWLT) in Ontario, Canada suffered a tragic …

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road construction

8 Tips for Dealing with Road Construction Near Your Small Business

Roadwork is a fact of life in the developed world. But while it’s an inconvenience for you as a driver, it can be devastating for a small business if your …

the new van

Intuit Provides Golden Opportunity for Business Devastated by Fire

December 12, 2012 was supposed to be the luckiest date on the calendar last year.  But while 12/12/12 may have delivered auspicious realities for some, this particular occasion bestowed anything …

farmers markets

How to Start Selling at Farmers Markets

American consumers love a good farmers market: The succulent fruits and vegetables. The tempting sights, sounds, and smells. The feeling of rubbing shoulders with neighbors and coming home with delicious, …

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