Michigan Ebook Mogul Wins Grant from Intuit

For more than 15 years, Vern Firestone of Redford, Michigan has followed his professional passion. As a freelance marketer, Firestone developed such an impressive body of work that he and his equally marketing-savvy wife, Joni, finally went into business for themselves just last year.

Offering customized websites, graphic design, writing services, and book design, Blue Harvest Creative was launched in Southern Michigan. And now, the happily married couple-turned successful small-business owners have even more reason to celebrate. Blue Harvest is the latest winner of a $5,000 Love a Local Business grant from Intuit.

“This is great,” says Firestone. “We’ve been in business for about a year, although I was freelancing for 15 years. But my wife and I started Blue Harvest Creative. She’s a writer, editor, and marketer. I’m a designer and marketer, so we decided to launch the business together.”

Going Big by Going Home

Running a home-based business presents no shortage of challenges, but the Firestones have managed to turn their humble hometown operation into a national success.

“There are a lot of new businesses starting up,” Vern Firestone says of the Michigan business community. “They all need marketing, logos, and websites. We cater to small businesses, but we are starting to get larger clients. We have clients in Michigan, but also in New York, Florida… all over.”

And the grant from Intuit, according to the veteran marketing and design pro, couldn’t come at a better time.

To date, Blue Harvest has helped produce more than 300 books. And with additional ebook publishing and website design requests coming from new and old clients at every turn, Firestone says the increased demand for services has resulted in a need for new tools of the trade around the home office.

“We need some new equipment,” he adds in reference to the timing of the grant. “So that’s terrific.”

Feeling the “Love” in Your Neck of the Woods

Will your business take top honors next month and bring home an Intuit small business grant? If you haven’t already, click here to nominate your business for a chance to win the next Love a Local Business grant from Intuit.

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Michael Essany is a former E! Entertainment Television host and nationally published author who was recognized by A&E Biography in 2005 as "One of America's Most Remarkable People." Michael currently serves as Vice President of Indiana Grain Company, LLC.
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allen Trout
allen Trout

Yes and they are the best people too :) Very very glad to have them in our life :) 

Blue Harvest Creative
Blue Harvest Creative

Thank you again! Received the grant check today and we are doing the happy dance! Much appreciated! Keep up the great work!

Blue Harvest Creative
Blue Harvest Creative

Thank you, Intuit! We are so excited about winning and we keep pinching ourselves to remind us that it really happened! We use your products everyday and they truly do make our business lives easier! We love how much you do to support small businesses, especially with this economy. Keep up the great work! Thanks also to everyone for their nice comments and likes! Much appreciated! ~~Joni & Vern


@JustAddBlue Congratulations, that's fantastic! Love anything that helps small businesses succeed! Let us know what you end up buying! Amy K