Intuit Making Wishes Come True for Small Businesses

Success in small business never comes just by wishing for it. But thanks to the new “Small Business, Big Wishes” campaign from Intuit’s Love Our Local Business project, numerous small business owners will have their wishes granted in time for the new year.

What would it take to help make your business grow? Are you long overdue for an equipment upgrade? New office furniture perhaps? Or do you simply have a great new product but lack the marketing dollars to promote it? Regardless of your need, if you’re a small business owner who often thinks “If only I had a …” you’re in luck! During the month of December, Intuit will grant one wish a day for fifteen days to deserving small businesses like yours.

Beginning November 14th, submit your wish online for a chance to win based on the number of votes your wish receives, your wish’s feasibility, and the transformational impact it would have on your business. The first wish will be granted December 3rd.

Best of all, entering to win couldn’t be easier. Just share a few brief thoughts with us about your business and how having it be granted would transform your business. Throughout the month of December, encourage your friends, family members, and customers to vote for your wish and help make it come true.

From Elwood, Indiana’s 2Guyz Boutique for Dogs and Cats, to Salem, Oregon’s quaint but high-quality Clockworks Cafe, Intuit has already awarded more than $1 million in grants to small business owners who are making their dreams a reality while making a profound difference in their communities.

Intuit’s commitment to helping small businesses get ahead continues with the “Small Business, Big Wishes” program. To learn more about making your wish come true, click here.

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Michael Essany is a former E! Entertainment Television host and nationally published author who was recognized by A&E Biography in 2005 as "One of America's Most Remarkable People." Michael currently serves as Vice President of Indiana Grain Company, LLC.
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Hello, My name is Kathryn Wilcox. I am a mother, teacher, and new photographer. I keep my prices of the pictures I take low for families who want quality memories at a low cost. One thing I do that is like no other photographer is with every child I photograph, I send them a book they can keep. It's called the RileyPaige Photography Literacy Project. In giving away books, I hope to encourage to spread the word of reading and how important it is to read to your children. So, I am asking for a wish of books, so that i can still keep my costs low and keep up my "Literacy Project"

Kathryn from


Henry Single
Henry Single

I would like to open a steamed hard crab and shrimp business in  Lyman SC and sell some fresh and cooked fish how do I aply for a grant to do  it.

Business Money Today
Business Money Today

Great program.   Nice to see businesses helping businesses. Intuit really is a champion for small businesses and in helping them start and grow.