Good Things Come to The GoodOnYa Bar after Intuit Hiring Grant

Kris Fillat, owner of The GoodOnYa Bar in San Diego, Calif., was the February 2011 winner of a $25,000 Intuit hiring grant through the Love a Local Business campaign. This week, the Intuit Small Business Blog caught up with Fillat to talk about how her small business has benefited from the prize money.

“We were coming home from a snowboarding trip, and she [an Intuit representative] called us while we were in the airport, and I freaked out,” Fillat remembers. “I couldn’t believe it.”

According to the health-food advocate and former U.S. Olympic athlete, the grant helped the deli owner not only reward her loyal staffers, but also ramp up production of the popular organic nutrition bars she’s been making for more than 10 years.

Raising the Bar

“Things are great. I’m blown away by what we were able to do with the grant. The grant enabled us to help take the production into this new facility, which is amazing,” Fillat says, noting that the first production run in the new digs took place in mid-January.

The grant helped the company buy wrappers, boxes, and ingredients to make several production runs. The surge in production will help to keep the company growing — and its dedicated employees on the payroll. “We’re a small deli. Some of our employees have been with us for eight to ten years, and they don’t make a lot of money,” Fillat says.

“I just think it’s amazing from a small-business perspective to see a company like Intuit, who we’ve been with the whole time we’ve been in business — through QuickBooks and Payroll as well — helping small companies,” she adds. “And we hope we can do something like that one day.”

What Could Your Small Business Do With $25,000?

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to log on and nominate your small business for a chance to win the next $25,000 Love a Local Business hiring grant from Intuit.

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