Dye’s Appliance Getting Marketing Repairs From QuickBooks

Serving residents of Kansas City, Mo., with pride and distinction for more than 50 years, Dye’s Appliance is a staple of its community that’s known for helping generations of locals repair their household appliances.

“Our grandfather, who is still here, and his brothers, Dukie and Gordon, started it,” says Brett Jackson, who helps manage the business that his granddad, Bill Dye, and uncles launched in August 1959.

“I came in about five years ago, and my brother [Blake] actually owns it now,” Jackson says. “He took to fixing appliances when he was a kid. So he’s been doing this since he was about 9 years old.”

Shrewdly, the brothers aim to reinvigorate the business they inherited by adopting some of the cutting-edge marketing strategies available today.

“Our goal is to start targeting a younger demographic,” Jackson explains. “We’ve gone 54 years with word of mouth, and we’ve had customers [who] have known us and used our grandfather for 30, 40, and 50 years. So, a lot of it now is turning to the internet and social media.”

To that end, Jackson recently entered Dye’s Appliance in the Small Business Local Buzz campaign from QuickBooks. “We’re looking to create that ‘buzz’ online and are working on retooling our website and creating a genuine social media presence,” he wrote.

The hardworking family will receive some much-deserved assistance from QuickBooks. With a customized marketing package worth $5,000, Dye’s Appliance can update its marketing tactics.

“This is great,” Jackson says. “We’re looking to add to the base with a younger group, new homeowners, and other people new here. … This will really help.”

Check Out the Buzz

QuickBooks’ Small Business Local Buzz campaign is announcing one winner a day through March 28. To learn more about the campaign and the businesses vying for an epic marketing boost courtesy of QuickBooks, click here.

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Joel Schwartz
Joel Schwartz

UPDATE: I was getting really antsy as the day was coming to a close and I was still without answers and realllly stressed. Got a call a few hours ago from Jordan whom after a couple of minutes said "It's my problem and I'll call when it's taken care of." It's weird how as a small business the way they took care of me was like a big business. True that I yelled kicked and screamed and had some very valid points but they handled it as one of the more awesome companies that those that are not. While it's possible there maybe be more glitches and system issues I can be ok with that knowing there is a responsive and responsible company behind it. Our employees locally are good for the weekend, developers overseas have nothing to worry about and my wife... well I'll have to get back to you on that one. Thank you Jordan and Mitch and I hope you guys have a great weekend.

Joel Schwartz
Joel Schwartz

It's Mitch not Matt from "The Office of the President". I'm sure you can understand how I may have made that mistake. especially when your caller id says "NO CALLER ID". So I publicly apologized you doing wrong by calling you by the wrong name. Now can you guys publicly apologize for making me miss payroll and PLEASE fix the situation ASAP. Imagine getting emails from employees like "Hey Joel, I REALLY need to get paid today!!" (btw.. for everyone reading this know that the only way this company will call you is if you take to Facebook. Didn't get a call back yesterday but sure got one after I started posting today.)

Bogg Bag
Bogg Bag

Congrats from your friends Bogg Bag! #Supportsmallbiz

Muhammad Suhaib Bangash
Muhammad Suhaib Bangash

the 2 people on the left are workers and they are probably into customer dealing/sales etc. the gentleman 3rd from left is probably the boss and the one 4th from left probably just provides DYE's Apps some service. all this from their postures, am I correct (or even close to correct....yikes) ?