Devolution Solutions of North Hollywood, CA Wins $25K!

Pictured: Devon from Devolution Solutions at one of his company’s events.  Phtoo courtesy of Devolution Solutions.

Congratulations to Devolution Solutions of North Hollywood, Calif. for winning Intuit’s $25,000 Love A Local Business Grant for May.  Owner Devon Lippman was thrilled when he received our call letting him know of the win.  “This will make such a big difference to our business,” he said.

Devolution Solutions is a staffing and marketing agency that puts on local, branded events for clients.  Devon says, “Being a local small business has changed my life forever! After years of working alongside promotional staff nationwide, it feels great to now be able to hire them and help them earn a living! When we keep our clients and staff happy, life is perfect.”

Devon plans to use the money to build out the systems that connect his staff with available client jobs.  The system will benefit both the clients and the employees by making things easier for clients while also allowing his employees to get more work.  Devon also said that he will donate 10 percent of the winnings to the Susan G. Komen Fund to help breast cancer research, as he promised to his fans that voted for him.

Devon found out about Love A Local Business after seeing a tweet about it.  He rallied his fans and asked everyone to vote.  As a result, he was the seventh most popular business in May, with over 300 votes!  The winning vote from Irka said, “Devon loves his work and has great passsion for his industry. He works extremely hard to built relationships with clientelle and create a company thats taking marketing to the next level. This grant would enable his to succeed.” [sic]

Congrats to Devon and everyone else at Devolution Solutions!  It’s not too late for your business to be featured in our next winner’s announcement.  We at Intuit have upped our commitment to the Love A Local Business Grant Competition.  We will have 11 grant winners in the month of June!

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Runway fashion

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Devon Lippman
Devon Lippman

Thank you SO much Intuit for this! We were SO surprised, yet grateful and proud when we got that call this morning. It's an honor to get such an amazing grant from one of our favorite small-business inspired companies. We appreciate your dedication and passion for small businesses such as Devolution Solutions. We can't wait to improve our client and staff based programs for easier event confirmations and bookings. This is a HUGE deal for us and we hope to work with you on YOUR marketing events soon!