How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees

rental car

Does Car Sharing Make Sense for Your Business?

Do you have a company car that rarely gets used? Do you pay a hefty sum to reimburse employees for mileage when they use their own cars for business? Perhaps …


Expert Advice on Mastering the Art of Delegation

There are only 24 hours in a day, yet many small-business owners spend too much precious time doing tasks that could be done by someone else. Mastering the art of …


What’s Your Business Management Style?

Michael Scott, who served for six years as regional manager of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Co., considered himself to be an outstanding boss. Did Michael want to be feared …

on phone in a meeting

7 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

Rude cell phone users are everywhere. The lure of constant connectivity often proves too much for the average person to resist, yours truly included. Think our behavior isn’t that bad? …

Mother working from home with baby

4 Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance as a New Parent

Congratulations on becoming a parent! Having a baby, adopting a child, or welcoming a stepkid into the fold is very exciting. After you’ve settled in, you’ll quickly realize that growing …

time flies

6 Signs That You’re Overcommitted

As an entrepreneur who tries to handle a hundred things at once, you may not realize when you’ve said “yes” to one too many projects or clients. But making too …

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new office

How to Find Cost-Effective Office Space

That extra bedroom you converted into a home office might be perfect for your startup, but if you have plans to grow, the task of finding office space outside of …

the man with the money

5 Signs You Need a Finance Executive for Your Small Business

You’ve outgrown your business-in-a-basement past. You have clients, sales, and even a few employees, including a bookkeeper who keeps track of the money that’s coming and going. But do you …

thank you note

How to Show Employees Your Appreciation

Handing out kudos boosts workplace morale, and companies that regularly thank their employees outperform those that don’t, says Josh Bersin, founder and principal of Bersin by Deloitte. Those are two …

Bryan Burkhart

Flower Service Cultivates Managers and Revenue Growth with SEED

Just three years ago, Bryan Burkhart knew nothing about flowers. But now Burkhart (pictured) spends his days as CEO of H.Bloom, a floral service that sends fresh-cut bouquets to more …

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Running at the fitness club

5 Tips for Starting an Employee Fitness Program

With the changes in the Affordable Care Act, employers are focusing increasingly on wellness and prevention in the workplace, according to HealthCare.gov. Regardless of whether you offer health insurance to …

fake injury

Workers’ Compensation: 5 Warning Signs of Fraud

One out of every four insurance fraud claims in the United States is related to workers’ compensation. Every year, U.S. employees report personal injuries that happen outside of the job …

Working when sick

In the Trenches: The Flu Bug

My right-hand man was out last week, and that was perfectly fine. After all, it was his vacation, and we’d had plenty of time to prepare. I kept my appointments …

Intuit Small Business Employment Index Graphic

A New Year: Employment Increases, Revenues Decline, Wages Drop

Kicking off the new year the right way, U.S. small businesses added 20,000 new jobs in January, equating to a 0.11 percent increase from December, according to Intuit’s Small Business …

healthcare changes are coming

We Explain the Affordable Care Act to Your Employees (So You Don’t Have To)

When President Obama’s Affordable Care Act goes into effect on January 1, 2014, Americans will be required by law to have health insurance. There are 8 months to go until …

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