How to Select the Best Employees with Cara France – Part 3 [VIDEO]

You’ve described the perfect candidate. You’ve completed the screening and conducted the interviews. Now you’re ready to make an offer.

Join us for the final segment of our three-part webinar series about selecting employees. In this final segment, Cara France, CEO at Sage Consulting Associates, helps you determine how to make the offer and guides you through the conversation you’ll need to have with the candidates who weren’t selected.

You can also visit this link for a copy of the slides used in the presentation.

About Amy Kalm

Amy Kalm is a Host with the Intuit Community and a coordinator for their Online Events. She loves talking to so many small business owners and is passionately intersted in their stories. Her spare time is spent with her husband and 3 children. She also recently found a passion for running that seems to be turning into an addiction. She just completed her first half marathon and has eyes on a full in the near future.
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