5 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you plan to give your employees a holiday gift? If so, add a personal touch by including your company’s logo or their individual names on the items.

Here are five ideas for customized (yet affordable) presents to give your staff this year:

1. Private-label foodstuffs — Add your company logo to a gift box of goodies (cookies, toffees, gluten-free items, etc.) through HarvardSweetBoutique.com. Prices vary, depending on the item; there’s a one-time setup fee of $50 for a customized logo or label ($60 for a ribbon). For a less perishable gift, add your private label to a baking mix (such as Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies or Cranberry Spice Muffins) through New England Cupboard in Bangor, Maine. Prices start at $4 per item.

2. Personalized desk gear — Add the names of your employees to pens, business card holders, or mugs through VistaPrint.com. To the latter, you could add your company’s logo and/or photos to further personalize the gift. Prices for engraved pens and business card holders start at $8.99 each; customized mugs start at $10.49 each.

3. Inspirational quotes — Choose one of three inspirational quotes, such as “Never, never, never quit” (Winston Churchill), or write your own, to appear on a desktop paperweight from PersonalizationMall.com. You can add an employee’s name to the keepsake as well. These gifts generally ship within one or two days. Price per paperweight: $20.95.

4. Customized exercise gear — Start an employee wellness program for 2013 and give everyone their own equipment. FitKit.com offers a portable kit that packs a resistance tube with handles, an exercise band, a jump rope, and a stability attachment. Custom packages featuring your company’s logo are available. With customized kits, employees receive workout plans, nutrition, and fitness tips, and other exercise resources. Starting price: $34.95.

5. Individual gift cards — Add photos or your logo to a Visa gift card for employees through IncentiveCardLab.com. Individual names and card messages may also be included. The card may be used anywhere that Visa debit, Star, or Interlink cards are accepted. Gift amounts can range from $5 to $2,500.

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corporate gift
corporate gift

Thank you for the post.  Love the idea of private-label foodstuffs also.  Merchandise items with personalized logo can make great promotional gifts to corporate.  

Pen Paradise
Pen Paradise

Love the idea of Private-label foodstuffs I reckon most staff wouldn't mind that one... Personalised gifts are really popular these days both as corporate gifts and consumer gifts.