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5 Lessons from Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Each year, Ernst & Young names a cadre of business owners as Entrepreneurs of the Year in various categories and then picks one overall winner. In 2012, the global accounting …

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4 Low-Cost Services for Building an App for Your Business

Mobile apps used to be for Fortune 500 businesses with large budgets, but not anymore. Small companies can now create their own apps at very low cost. Think you don’t …

Avoiding obstacles

The 10 Hardest Things About Running a Business

Ask any small business owner what the hardest aspects of running a company are, and you’ll likely get a wide range of answers. Some people aren’t good at money matters, …

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6 Email Apps to Help You Manage Your Inbox

Email can save you time, but it also can distract you from what you really should be doing. Office workers spend 13 hours a week — or 650 hours a …

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Author Brad Feld on Building Sustainable Startup Communities

Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley get ample credit for fostering startups. But they aren’t the only places conducive to business launches. In his new book, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial …

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5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Think Microsoft has a lock on office productivity suites? Think again. Several free apps and services are poised to give Microsoft Office a run for its money in 2013. We …

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public wi-fi

How to Keep Your Business Safe on Public Wi-Fi

If you travel for your business — or just need an occasional change of scenery from your home office — you’re probably a regular user of public Wi-Fi networks. But …


4 Free Ways to Store Your Data in the Cloud

If your small business isn’t in the cloud, it probably should be. The cloud not only protects your data against unexpected computer failures and stolen devices, but also allows you …

Larah Ritchie

5 Small-Business Tips for Taking on 2013

Have you mapped out a strategy for your business in 2013? If not, take a cue from Larah Ritchie: Turn the task into a party. Ritchie (pictured), a business adviser …

Customer Service Apps IdeaScale SS

5 Customer Service Apps for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Customers have always sought timely responses to their questions and concerns, but the rise of social media and digital technologies has led many to expect an immediate reply. As a …

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Colleges Begin to Focus on Creating Entrepreneurs

America’s universities are filled with the business leaders of tomorrow. In the past, these future executives typically obtained a degree and then headed out into the world to begin a …

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5 Tips for Military Veterans Starting a Business

About 200,000 U.S. military personnel return to civilian life each year. Rather than retire or take corporate jobs, some of them would like to start small businesses. You see, a …

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4 Ways a “Buddha Mentality” Can Build Your Business

Regardless of your religious affiliation or spiritual beliefs, there are benefits to bringing a kind of Zen to the way you approach business. Here are four ways to integrate a …

smart phone showrooming

5 Ways to Prevent Smartphone “Showrooming”

Smartphones and price-comparison apps have given rise to “showrooming,” whereby shoppers browse products in a retail store, check prices via web-enabled mobile device, and then leave empty-handed to buy the …


4 Mobile Apps for Better Brainstorming

Innovate or perish. In any fast-changing industry, idea generation isn’t a luxury; it’s a survival skill. Done right, brainstorming sessions help get concepts flowing and bring team members together for …

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