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business attire

Fashion Tips for Small-Business Owners

Whatever type of small business you run, it’s always important for you and your employees to look your best. What “best” means may vary based on your work environment, but certain …

wellness in a small package

Can an Employee Wellness Program Improve Morale?

If you offer health-care insurance to your employees, it’s likely one of your biggest expenses after paying their salaries. By introducing a wellness program and encouraging workers to take better …

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Get the Most from Your iPad for Your Small Business

Do you use your iPad primarily to check email or surf the web? Or perhaps you use it mostly to entertain yourself with books and movies while traveling for business? …

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Change Your Body Language, Change Your Business

Building trust with vendors and partners, strengthening loyalty among existing customers, and recruiting and retaining employees are all critical to growing your small business. As its owner, you are the …

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government contract

Small Business Gains Easier Access to Federal Government Contracts

The federal government recently revised its rules for doing business with independent contractors, making it easier for small companies to compete with corporate giants and win bids. While it still …

microphone for speech

9 Tips for Giving an Acceptance Speech

Congratulations, small-business owner! You’ve just been informed that you’re receiving an award for your leadership efforts or charitable contributions. Don’t let glossophobia tie your tongue at the big event. Here …

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Kathy Sidell

Kathy Sidell on Living the American Restaurant Dream

Kathy Sidell grew up in a family of foodies. In 2005, the producer-turned-restaurateur opened the Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Since then, she’s expanded the upscale burger bar to …


Playing the Middleman: Tips for Building a Successful Online Marketplace

Etsy, OpenTable, Airbnb, and other successful startups in recent memory have at least one thing in common: They don’t sell their own products or services. These online marketplaces facilitate transactions …

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5 Lessons from Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Each year, Ernst & Young names a cadre of business owners as Entrepreneurs of the Year in various categories and then picks one overall winner. In 2012, the global accounting …

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4 Low-Cost Services for Building an App for Your Business

Mobile apps used to be for Fortune 500 businesses with large budgets, but not anymore. Small companies can now create their own apps at very low cost. Think you don’t …

Avoiding obstacles

The 10 Hardest Things About Running a Business

Ask any small business owner what the hardest aspects of running a company are, and you’ll likely get a wide range of answers. Some people aren’t good at money matters, …

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6 Email Apps to Help You Manage Your Inbox

Email can save you time, but it also can distract you from what you really should be doing. Office workers spend 13 hours a week — or 650 hours a …

brad feld

Author Brad Feld on Building Sustainable Startup Communities

Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley get ample credit for fostering startups. But they aren’t the only places conducive to business launches. In his new book, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial …

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google docs

5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Think Microsoft has a lock on office productivity suites? Think again. Several free apps and services are poised to give Microsoft Office a run for its money in 2013. We …

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public wi-fi

How to Keep Your Business Safe on Public Wi-Fi

If you travel for your business — or just need an occasional change of scenery from your home office — you’re probably a regular user of public Wi-Fi networks. But …

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