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How to Get Up Early and Be More Productive

Apple CEO Tim Cook is known for sending company emails at 4:30 in the morning. Lexy Flunk, chief executive of Brooklyn Industries, is usually up by 4 a.m. And Virgin …

customer loyalty

4 Tips for Creating a Customer for Life

Do you work to retain your current customers, or are you mostly focused on finding new ones? Savvy business owners try to build relationships with everyone who visits their store …


Multitasking: Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Multitasking is often praised as a way to be super productive, but the term “multitasking” may actually be a misnomer. When was it universally decided and accepted that we could …

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How to Work With International Customers and Suppliers

Is your company going international? Taking your usual American approach to professional interactions with foreign customers and suppliers may alienate important clients. Before you attempt to work with someone outside …

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a terrible thing to waste

How Psychology Can Make or Break Your Business

Are you aware of the unconscious psychological forces that can improve or undermine your business? Recognizing which traits are which — and learning how to use them to your benefit …


The Truth About “Overnight Success”

You hear about it often in the media: New businesses seemingly transform into multimillion dollar companies overnight. Think Groupon, Pinterest, and Instagram. Yet most entrepreneurs put in serious time before …

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health insurance

White House Delays Mandatory Employer-Provided Health Care

The Obama administration says it will push back by one year a key piece of the Affordable Care Act that would require some businesses to provide health insurance to their …

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Author Brian Moran on Massively Increasing Your Productivity

Brian Moran got his first brush with true leadership in high school, when he worked part-time for the U.S. Postal Service. The job led to a management position in college. …

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What Google+’s New Business Dashboard Can Do for You

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its Google+ dashboard for businesses. Here’s a look at how the new features can help you manage your company’s web presence and activities on …


5 Solutions to Common Small-Business Problems

Being a small-business owner can feel like a never-ending race. It takes stamina, discipline, and a surprising amount of work to succeed. Owning your own company isn’t just about fulfilling …


4 Streaming Music Services to Help Create the Right Ambiance

Many types of small businesses — retail shops, restaurants, salons, and gyms, to name a few — rely on music to create the right ambiance for customers. Of course, not …

micheal burt

Business and Ex-Basketball Coach Offers Tips for Staying on Top of Your Game

Whether he’s coaching small businesses or corporations like Dell and State Farm, Micheal Burt helps managers learn how to stand out in a crowd. “As a small-business owner and entrepreneur, …

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the best of ideas

3 Surprising Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Business

Small-business owners, we have some news for you: You’re not being sabotaged by bad employees, clients, or competitors. The person getting in the way of your success is you. While …

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10 Twitter Accounts Small-Business Owners Should Follow

So you’ve embraced Twitter as an effective marketing tool. But are you using the social network as a source of small-business information and advice? You should be. The Twitterverse is …

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