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fax machine

Should You Finally Ditch Your Fax Machine and Go Digital?

Fax machines have been on technology’s endangered species list for at least a decade. But faxing paper documents is far from a dying business practice. Statistics suggest that more than 17 million …

curry up now truck

Food Trucks Help Mortgage Banker Reinvent Himself as Restaurateur

“I love the food truck, the concept of street food,” says Akash Kapoor, CEO and co-founder, with his wife, Rana, of Curry Up Now food trucks and restaurants in the …

Robert Goetz Jan 2012

Robert Goetz on Small-Business Trends to Watch in 2014

As the new year begins, small-business owners need to look at the big picture. While many business owners are concerned with making the monthly payroll, other issues — such as …

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windows xp

Still Using Windows XP? It’s Time to Upgrade Your Operating System

Are you still using the Windows XP operating system to run your office PCs? Although the Microsoft OS dates back to 2001, it’s still widely used: According to NetMarketShare’s December …

John Murphy Headshot

“Zentrepreneur” John Murphy on Running a Peaceful, Meaningful Business

“Not every entrepreneur is making good change, and not every entrepreneur is at peace — balanced, so to speak — and living in the now,” says John Murphy, a self-proclaimed …

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outdated obsolete products

Is Your Product in Danger of Becoming Obsolete?

“People don’t want gadgets anymore. They want services that improve over time.” —Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Once upon a time, building a quality product and offering it …

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Be a More Productive Risk-Taker in 2014

For most small-business owners, there’s a big difference between taking calculated risks and behaving recklessly. Doing nothing qualifies as reckless behavior, because maintaining the status quo in an ever-changing marketplace …

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Wunderlist: One of Our Favorite Listmaking Apps

Small-business owners like you have to juggle a lot of balls, and keeping them all in the air is one of the biggest challenges of running your own show. Resolving …

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cold office worker

15 Ways to Cut Office Heating Costs

Winter came early this year. Before the season officially began Dec. 21, many cities across the U.S. had already experienced frigid temperatures, crippling ice storms, and heavy snowfall. The cold …

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gladwell_david and goliath

The Best Business Books of 2013

The holidays afford many busy professionals a bit of downtime. Why not seize the opportunity to catch up on some of the most popular and critically praised business books of …

nell merlino

Nell Merlino on Why Women Are Driving Small Business in the U.S.

When it comes to starting businesses, women are running circles around men. Female entrepreneurs have been hanging their shingles at a higher rate than men for the past two decades …

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feelgoodz founder kyle berner

Footwear Company Founder Runs With a Good Idea

It turns out good business ideas can grow on trees — or at least stem from them. Feelgoodz founder Kyle Berner says he got his idea for a successful small …

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Old desktop PC

Want to Keep Your Customers? Update Your Tech

If you had to guess what issue 91 percent of your customers might leave you over, what would it be: Poor customer service? Shoddy products? A sudden price hike? The …

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2014 resolutions

Strategies for Sticking to Your Small-Business Resolutions

So 2014 is the year you’ve vowed to (finally) stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Congratulations! Maybe it’s time to retool your customer-service operations, revamp your employee-retention strategy, or rethink …

Mark Hatch Photo

TechShop CEO Offers a Manifesto for the Maker Movement

“I’m a trained revolutionary, in a sense,” says Mark Hatch, a Green Beret turned innovator and author of the recently published The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the …

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