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Football Jersey

14 Small-Business Ideas for the Sports Fan

Many successful small businesses start out as hobbies or recreational activities. Sports fans in particular can find ample ways to turn their passions into profitable ventures. Here are 14 sports-related …

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Rasheed Ogunlaru

Put the Heart Back into Your Business

Too many business owners lose sight of their original vision and the reasons they went into business, says Rasheed Ogunlaru (pictured), a U.K.-based business coach and author of the new …

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5 Mobile Technology Trends to Watch

Smartphones are an almost ubiquitous, indispensable tool for small-business owners: Some 85 percent of you now use one to make decisions, run your operations, or conduct business on-the-go, according to …

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daily money manager

8 Startup Ideas for Baby Boomers

Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 have a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than those between the ages of 20 and 34, according to a study conducted by …

registered trademark

Fact Sheet: Understanding Intellectual Property

Did you know that your brand has monetary value? Beyond the actual company, Coca-Cola as a brand is worth nearly $72 billion. Names, secret formulas, and inventions are all examples …

survey says

Common Bond Shared by Small-Business Owners? How To Manage Growth

Managing cash flow. Keeping the lights on during a natural disaster. Maintaining the right level of staffing. Finding the right business partners. On the surface level, these seem like very …

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windows 8 logo

5 Reasons Windows 8 Works for Small Business

You can hardly turn on your TV these days without seeing a commercial for Microsoft’s latest operating system. But for all its fancy features, Windows 8 is being criticized for …

Laws of Subtraction matthew e. may

Applying “The Laws of Subtraction”

As a small-business owner, you’re probably always thinking about what more you could do to improve your business, whether it’s adding new products, services, features, employees, or locations. But author …

weathering the storm

What to Do If Your Vendors Are Impacted by a Disaster

Even if you are thousands of miles from the devastation on the East Coast, you may still find your small business affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many vendors …

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Preparing to Pitch Your New Invention

Entrepreneurs with inquisitive and lively minds often come up with ideas for inventions, but they don’t always know whether the concept is worth developing — or how to develop it. …

emergency plan

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Disaster?

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy destroy everything in their paths, including businesses. Yet disaster recovery planning is something many small-business owners put off, opting to …

debbie dejesus

Retailer Closes Her Store to Go Mobile Instead

Renting a retail storefront requires a lot of overhead, which can cause small-business owners to struggle to stay afloat, particularly in a sluggish economy. Debbie Dejesus found a solution: Close …

Tangled Wires

5 Ways to Cut Clutter in Your Office

Papers piled high on a desktop, stacks of magazines crammed into a corner, disorganized drawers filled to the brim — this is the stuff of office clutter. It’s not only …

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How a Fiber Artist Keeps It Together with Weave

Jamie Chan may be the busiest person you don’t know. She and her husband, Blas Herrera, run several arts-and-crafts- related businesses in San Francisco. She makes her own line of …


Thanks to GoPayment, Fashion Designer Earns More Design Time

Fashion designer Sheri Falk says she would rather direct her energy toward conceptualizing new designs and helping clients than handling the bookkeeping tasks required to run her small business. So …

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