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4 Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business Expenses

One of the best things about being a small-business owner is being able to deduct most of your work-related expenses — as long as you remember to keep detailed records …

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4 Issues to Resolve Before Jumping on the BYOD Bandwagon

The BYOD trend is here to stay. New research cited by PC World shows that 30 percent of businesses now embrace letting employees bring their own mobile computing devices to …

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5 Mobile Apps for Working Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

You’re probably not getting as much exercise as you should be. According to Bank of America’s 2012 Small Business Owner Report, 37 percent of entrepreneurs regularly sacrifice exercise in order …

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4 Apps for Getting Rid of Paperwork

Would you like to clear the clutter from your filing cabinets and convert to a paperless office? Many of us would, but it can be tough to avoid the print-sign-scan …

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5 Apps for Running Your Business from a Smartphone

A recent national survey of entrepreneurs showed that 88 percent of small-business owners use mobile apps to conduct business on their smartphones or tablets. Yet more than half of those …


Why Your Small Business Needs a Privacy Policy

Having a privacy policy can protect your small business from potential pitfalls and give it a competitive edge. Consumer privacy concerns affect businesses large and small, says Chris Babel, CEO …

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5 Mobile Apps for Learning More About Your Customers

It’s difficult to run a small business if you don’t know who your customers are — or what they’re looking for. Gathering as much information about them as you can …


Where Does Your Company Stand on Ergonomics?

Every few months, we hear about a new breakthrough in workplace ergonomics, one meant to protect office workers from the adverse health effects of prolonged computer use or sitting at …

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Get the Most from Your iPad for Your Small Business

Do you use your iPad primarily to check email or surf the web? Or perhaps you use it mostly to entertain yourself with books and movies while traveling for business? …

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7 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

Rude cell phone users are everywhere. The lure of constant connectivity often proves too much for the average person to resist, yours truly included. Think our behavior isn’t that bad? …


How to Get Your Business to Rank Highly in Local Search Results for Free

Is it easy for customers to find you? The answer to that question may rely heavily on how your small business ranks in local search results. Local search gives priority to neighborhood …

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Can Price Matching Help Your Small Business Compete?

Price matching at retail isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when consumers scoured newspaper ads for the latest deals. Today, shoppers are comparing prices on their …

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5 Ways to Cut Costs Without Outsourcing

Outsourcing contracts are down 19 percent, according to this recent report, with many U.S. companies bringing operations back home. This is generally good news for the nation’s economy, but some …

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How to Revitalize the ‘About’ Page on Your Website

Before customers buy anything from your small business, they may want to know more about it and you — perhaps so they can determine whether or not they think your …

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Use Viddy and Instagram to Engage with Customers

Social media and reality TV have quietly changed what we expect from the people with whom we do business. We get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into lives of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and …

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