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4 Free Online Resources for Learning to Code

Want to learn some basic HTML to keep your company’s website updated? Need to acquire some advanced skills, such as writing APIs, so you can develop web and mobile apps? …

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Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram, like other social networks, can be an excellent tool for promoting your small business. The photo- and video-sharing platform, coupled with its varied supporting apps, provides a free means of …

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How to Print From Your Mobile Device

You may use your smartphone or tablet for just about everything — from tracking billable hours to attending meetings — these days, but chances are you still rely on your …

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4 Cloud-Based Apps for Creating Bids and Proposals

Anytime you provide prospective clients with a quote or an estimate for a big project or sales order, they’ll likely want to see a breakdown of costs, including materials and …

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5 Apps for Making Your Office Paperless

The average U.S. office worker uses some 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually, according to a widely reported Environmental Protection Agency estimate. Those 20 reams of pulp per employee represent …

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How to Hire the Right Mobile App Developer

Having a high-quality website is important, but it’s no longer sufficient for building a viable online presence. In order to attract the nation’s growing number of smartphone users, your small …


Sleep Genius Aims to Awaken Small-Business Productivity

Feel like you could use a little more sleep? You’re not alone. Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that at least 30 percent of the civilian workforce in the U.S. …

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Tips for Establishing an Employee Texting Policy

Texting in the workplace often gets a bad rap. Yet it’s an easy, direct way to reach out to people when you need a quick response, whether or not you’re …

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What Google+’s New Business Dashboard Can Do for You

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its Google+ dashboard for businesses. Here’s a look at how the new features can help you manage your company’s web presence and activities on …

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How to Tell If Google Sees Your Content as ‘High-Quality’

Ever wonder why some websites rank higher in Google’s search results for key terms than yours does? Google has an algorithm that tells it how to decide whether the content …

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What You Need to Know About Wanelo

It’s time to review your social media strategy checklist again, because you may want to add up-and-comer Wanelo to it. Even if you’ve never heard of this social network, there’s …


4 Streaming Music Services to Help Create the Right Ambiance

Many types of small businesses — retail shops, restaurants, salons, and gyms, to name a few — rely on music to create the right ambiance for customers. Of course, not …

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10 Twitter Accounts Small-Business Owners Should Follow

So you’ve embraced Twitter as an effective marketing tool. But are you using the social network as a source of small-business information and advice? You should be. The Twitterverse is …


Should Small Businesses Fear Google Glass?

Google Glass isn’t expected to be publicly available until at least the end of the year, but small-business owners are already considering the privacy implications and technological potential of the …

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How Instagram’s New ‘Photos of You’ Increases Customer Engagement

Visual marketing is on the rise, and Instagram is leading the way, dominating the photo-sharing space. Just a year after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram has experienced a 500 percent …

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