The Latest Small Business Technology Products Reviewed

data security

How to Protect Your Customer Data From Theft

The recent Target data breach gave U.S. businesses of all sizes reason to think seriously about how well they’re protecting customer information. Any mishandling or theft of client records could …

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fax machine

Should You Finally Ditch Your Fax Machine and Go Digital?

Fax machines have been on technology’s endangered species list for at least a decade. But faxing paper documents is far from a dying business practice. Statistics suggest that more than 17 million …

web server

How to Find the Right Web-Hosting Service

In order to display your company’s website, you’ll need to rent digital space from a web-hosting service. You could buy your own equipment instead, but that’s usually not a cost-effective …

Facebook button image

5 Apps to Enhance Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

Your business’s Facebook fan page can do a lot more than you may realize. By adding a variety of free and paid apps, you can make your page more interactive …

windows xp

Still Using Windows XP? It’s Time to Upgrade Your Operating System

Are you still using the Windows XP operating system to run your office PCs? Although the Microsoft OS dates back to 2001, it’s still widely used: According to NetMarketShare’s December …

Steve Strauss Headshot

How Entrepreneurs Can Serve the Planet

Steve Strauss is a proponent of starting up businesses and uplifting people who live in poverty. The Portland, Ore.-based consultant merges his two passions in Planet Entrepreneur, a book he …

saving money

Just Say No to Tech Purchases That Won’t Yield ROI

When your kid asks you for a toy you can’t afford or don’t think is appropriate for his or her age, you simply say “no.” Sure, your response may elicit …


Why Google+ Should Be a Core Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2014

Google made a lot of changes last year: The Hummingbird algorithm update landed. Personalized search results took shape. Keyword optimization shifted dramatically. And, as a result, Google+ gained importance in …

linkedin button image

Polish Your Personal LinkedIn Profile for the New Year

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to reflect on your professional accomplishments of the past 12 months and update your personal LinkedIn profile accordingly. With 259 …


7 Tools for Gathering Customer Feedback

Do you know what your customers really think about your company, products, services, or employees? You should make it a point to find out: 73 percent of consumers trust the …


Wunderlist: One of Our Favorite Listmaking Apps

Small-business owners like you have to juggle a lot of balls, and keeping them all in the air is one of the biggest challenges of running your own show. Resolving …

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Using SEO Analytics Services to Boost Your Website Rankings

The field of search-engine optimization, or SEO, has changed dramatically in the past few years, thanks to Google’s algorithm updates. Today, the best way to increase your website’s ranking for …


4 Customer-Relationship Management Systems for Small Businesses

Does your small business routinely seek customers for large projects? Does it sell particular products or solutions to clients on an ongoing basis? In either case, a customer-relationship management system …

Old desktop PC

Want to Keep Your Customers? Update Your Tech

If you had to guess what issue 91 percent of your customers might leave you over, what would it be: Poor customer service? Shoddy products? A sudden price hike? The …

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assess your social fitness

Manage Social Media the Easy Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

When used correctly, social media is a great (and mostly free!) communication tool for reaching new and existing customers, building word of mouth for your business, elevating your status as an …

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