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In the Trenches: Taking the Cloud for a Spin

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was debating taking my company’s accounting into the cloud. Well, I’ve gone ahead and done it. What’s the verdict? It’s not …

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Is a Mac or PC Better for Your Business?

Mac or PC? The new MacBook Air is a sleek and shiny temptress, but when you’re running a business, you need to think about more than your computer’s coolness quotient. …

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Two Hot Tools for Blogging

A blog is a useful — and almost essential — marketing tool for almost any small business: Good blogs offer customers insight into your company and all the exciting things …

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iPhone vs. Android: Which Is Best for Your Business?

So you’ve finally ditched your old Blackberry and you’re ready to upgrade to a newer, sleeker smartphone. But should you go with an iPhone or a Google Android model? The …

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Is Mac OS X Lion a Good Fit for Your Small Business?

Following months of eager anticipation from rabidly fanatic Mac users, the venerable tech giant Apple has finally raised the curtain on Mac OS X Lion ($30) — the next major …

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7 iPhone Games that Teach Business Skills

Want to get a sense of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur before taking the plunge and starting your own business? There’s an app for that. Lots of them, …

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How to Use Google+ for Business

Google’s latest innovation, Google+ (indicated by a +1 icon on the web, or simply a + sign), has been released and is already making waves. At the core, Google+ is …

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“Speak Up” in Social Media and Deepen Customer Interest

Do you feel like your tweets and status updates are futile when it comes to building customer engagement?  If you’re only using text-based content, they may be. According to Twitter, …

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Tech Review: Third Rail Battery Case Delivers Snap-on Juice for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4′s built-in battery should last you an entire day of moderate use, with room to spare. If, on the other hand, you’ve been holding epic conference calls on …

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6 Cool Cases for Your iPhone

Whether you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone or you’re a long-time user, it’s smart to protect your shiny tech toy with a case. After all, there’s nothing like a cracked …

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Tech Review: Iosafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive Can Take the Pain

Have you ever been so frustrated with a tech gadget that the only solution to restore order to your universe would most likely violate the rules of conduct under the …

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The Pros and Cons of iPads and Other Tablets for Small Businesses

Tablet computers are the talk of the virtual town, but are they right for your business? Plenty of your fellow owners seem to think so: A recent Business Journals survey …

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Top 10 Time Management iPad and iPhone Apps

Some people are able to manage their time without the help of lists, planners, and calendars. Then there’s the rest of us. If you find yourself wondering where the time …

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How to Secure Your Computers on a Shoestring Budget

Online security news, recently headlined by the Epsilon breach, is fairly ominous these days. Malware, phishing, botnets, zero-day bugs — you don’t need to know what they mean to understand …

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Seven Ways to Get Your App Noticed in the Apple iTunes App Store

The gold rush to sell iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps is on, and you want a share of the mine. Unfortunately, gone are the days of submitting your latest and …

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