The Latest Small Business Technology Products Reviewed

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3 Things Small Businesses Should Know About the New iPad

The popularity of Apple’s iPad is no secret, and small-business owners are no exception to the trend. iPad usage quadrupled among small and midsize businesses in 2011, according to a …


3 Free Security Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Running a PC without security software installed is like leaving a bank’s vault door wide open: You’re basically begging bad guys to swoop in and steal your valuables. Sticky-fingered hackers …

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5 Strategies for Avoiding a Data Security Breach

Does your company store private data about your customers and vendors, such as their passwords, credit card details, or social security numbers? If so, even a minor security breach could …


Free Email Solutions for Small Businesses

Even though social media and other alternative communications get all the headlines these days, email remains a vital tool for any small business. Costs associated with premium email services can …

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Free Small-Business Software for Shoestring Budgets

Spending hundreds of dollars for productivity software doesn’t hurt quite as badly when you have an angel (investor) looking over your shoulder. But bootstrapping small-business owners who lack venture capital …


8 Truly Useful Android Apps for Business Owners

Does productivity have to plummet if you aren’t sitting in front of your PC? In today’s connected world, a bevy of mobile phone apps can keep your efficiency soaring while …

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6 Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Working to increase your productivity in 2012? These six mobile apps may help you conquer to-do lists, organize travel itineraries, move data to the cloud, and more. 2Do organizes those …

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Tech Review: Microsoft Office Hub for Windows Phones

Juggling documents on your mobile phone is never a pleasure — in fact, it’s usually a downright pain — but on-the-run edits are a necessary evil for many small-business owners. …

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5 Creative Ways Small Businesses Use iPads

More than half of U.S. firms that employ fewer than 50 employees intend to purchase tablet PCs this year, and Apple’s iPad tops the list, according to a recent survey …

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How Tablet PCs Can Benefit Your Small Business

This may come as a shock to Angry Birds fanatics, but tablet PCs can do a whole lot more than power video games. Their unique blend of portability, touch-screen capabilities, …

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5 Things About WordPress Your Small Business Needs to Know

The number of websites built with WordPress hit 60 million last month. Why it is so popular? The open-source content-management system is easy-to-use, scales well, and free. Here are five things …

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Gmail’s New Look: What You Can Expect

Do you use Gmail? Your email account is about to get a makeover. Google is transitioning all user accounts a “cleaner, more modern” interface design in the coming weeks.  If …

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Which iPad Office Suite Is Right for You?

Tablet computers are greatly expanding our means of content consumption, but they still play second fiddle to traditional PCs when it comes to content creation — as in, getting some …

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Takes Small Business ‘Siri’ously

Today, Apple raised the curtain on its long-awaited fifth generation iPhone — the iPhone 4S. In the wake of its new product launch, Apple finds itself in a unique but …

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When Should You Pay for an Extended Warranty?

Computers and other electronic gear can be expensive — especially if they’re out of warranty when something goes wrong. But is paying extra for an extended warranty when buying new …

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