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What Small-Business Owners Should Know about IFTTT

Is your digital life a disorganized mess? You may want to give IFTTT a try. The free service could help you manage that growing swarm of stuff you do online. …

text message

4 Strategies for Waging a Successful Text-Messaging Marketing Campaign

Want your customers to pay more attention to you? Invest in mobile marketing. Although the typical email marketing message is opened by fewer than 20 percent of its recipients, “open …


4 Online Security Reminders for Small-Business Owners

A journalist getting hacked by online crooks may not attract the attention of other busy small-business owners. Yet Wired senior writer Mat Honan’s story — who says his “entire digital life …

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color wheel

How Your Online Brand Can Benefit from Color Psychology

A red button beckons you to “read more now.” A hyperlink in blue encourages you to click through. A green “buy now” button entices you to just do it. Color …

photos galore

5 Tips for Legally Sourcing Photos and Art for Your Website

When you’re creating content for your company blog or website, including an image or two can help liven up your copy. But if you’re not careful about sourcing your photos …

Search Button On Keyboard

What’s Your Business G-Cred?

If you’re a consultant or heading a small consulting business, it’s no longer enough to have a web presence. That’s just the first — and most basic — step for generating …

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Intuit Makes Payroll a Snap with Free Mobile App

One out of every three small businesses pays an annual penalty for payroll calculation errors, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports. Perhaps this is because many operations — particularly those …

android time clock

6 Mobile Apps for Keeping Time Cards or Tracking Billable Hours

Ever feel like you don’t have a good handle on time — when you ought to be tracking employee working hours or your own billable hours for clients? You can …

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5 Software Programs that Enable Disabled Employees

Workers in virtually all positions, industries, and abilities today are assisted by technology. Increasingly, specialized software programs are not only making it possible for professionals with disabilities to perform jobs …

smart keyboard

6 Keyboard Replacement Apps for Android Devices

The standard virtual keyboard that’s built into Android phones is free and functional, but it’s as basic as basic can be: It’s pretty much just an onscreen representation of a …

kindle fire

25 Essential Kindle Fire Apps for Small Businesses – 2012 Edition

The $199 Amazon Kindle Fire has been burning up the Android tablet sales charts and, at less than half the price of an iPad, it’s easy to understand why. Although …

doug sleeter

Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Small Business

“Your customers demand that you be in the cloud,” says Doug Sleeter, a nationally recognized expert in accounting-software consulting. “The latest innovations in cloud, mobile, and connected solutions are changing everything …

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50 Essential iPad Apps for Small Business – 2012 Edition

The Apple iPad is a game-changing device for small-businesses owners who either want to manage operations more effectively on-the-go or use the device to expand and enhance their customer and …

5 big mobile trends

5 Big Mobile Trends to Watch — Plus 2 You Can Ignore

More small businesses are picking up mobile technology than ever. By the end of 2012, nearly half of companies with fewer than 500 employees will use a smartphone, notebook, or …


Stay on Schedule with These 7 Mobile Calendar Apps

Some professionals still swear by paper organizers, but lately more of us are turning to smartphones to serve as digital personal assistants — in which case, a calendar app is …

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