The Latest Small Business Technology Products Reviewed

cyber monday

4 Steps to Quickly Create a Cyber Monday Marketing Campaign

Cyber Monday can be as much of a boon to online merchants as Black Friday is to traditional ones. Small businesses that sell goods and services via the web can …

windows 8 logo

5 Reasons Windows 8 Works for Small Business

You can hardly turn on your TV these days without seeing a commercial for Microsoft’s latest operating system. But for all its fancy features, Windows 8 is being criticized for …

dandelion chocolate

What Do Technology and Chocolate Have in Common?

For Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring, starting a chocolate-making business hasn’t differed too much from launching a technology startup. The Stanford University friends co-founded Plaxo, an online address book, almost …

emergency plan

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Disaster?

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy destroy everything in their paths, including businesses. Yet disaster recovery planning is something many small-business owners put off, opting to …

Harvest app

5 Mobile Apps for Tracking and Billing Your Time

Time is money, as they say. Whether you bill clients by the hour or simply want to get a better handle on how you spend your workdays, smartphone apps offer …

new ebay logo

What Small Businesses Need to Know about the ‘New’ eBay

Online auctioneer eBay is undergoing a major makeover that includes a new logo, a site redesign, and an updated shopping experience/purchasing process. “Technology is revolutionizing the way people shop, and …

basecamp screenshot

9 Cloud Services for Juggling Project Resources and Deadlines

Keeping all the components of a project — whether it’s a marketing campaign, a store opening, or a new product introduction — organized and on time can be daunting. It’s …

ipad 3 image

13 Essential iPhone and iPad Apps for Running a Startup

As the size of Apple’s App Store grows, the company is getting more creative with how it highlights newcomers and noteworthy apps by putting together “collections” that make it easier …

money in the cloud

4 Downsides of Not Using Accounting Software

Small businesses have an array of accounting software applications to choose from when first starting up. Programs like QuickBooks track financial transactions, generate invoices, and print out reports. Yet some …

angry cell phone person

Should You Ban Customers from Using Cell Phones?

Check out the Yelp reviews for Saad’s Halal Place, a Philadelphia eatery, and you’ll read raves about its shawarma and chicken maroosh. Patrons also strongly suggest that you turn off …

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work-life balance apps

5 Mobile Apps for Better Work-Life Balance

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to “clock out” to spend time with family, get some exercise, or pursue outside interests. Nearly two-thirds of respondents to a survey …

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facebook like

10 Steps for Creating Your Business’s Facebook Page

If you’re still holding out on creating a Facebook page for your business, the reasons to reconsider your position are multiplying fast. Here are just two: Nearly 9 million small …

iphone 5 final

5 Ways to Take Advantage of the iPhone 5

As a small-business owner, if you haven’t developed a mobile strategy, now’s the time. Apple sold more than 5 million units of the iPhone 5 in its first three days …

way of life app

5 Mobile Apps for Building Better Work Habits

For any entrepreneur who aims to start and grow a company, self-discipline is key. Whether that means setting your alarm an hour earlier, teaching yourself to code, or committing to …


4 Free Online Learning Sites for Small Businesses

What could you learn that would help you run your business more intelligently? Whatever it is, if you have a computer with an internet connection, chances are you can find …

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