Tax Tips and News for Your Small Business

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How to Choose a Small Business Accountant

If you’ve just spent weeks puzzling over all of the IRS forms and guidelines and still feel like you barely know the difference between a 1040 and a 1099, it …

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What To Do if You Need a Tax Deadline Extension

You’re just days away from the IRS’ filing deadline, but you’re still sorting through a mountain of paperwork, dealing with a difficult new client’s demands, and you’ve got a sick …

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Small Business Health Care Tax Credit: Do You Qualify?

With health care costs soaring, small businesses across the country are struggling to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. In 2009, only 46 percent of small businesses with fewer …

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9 Tax Mistakes to Catch Before the IRS Does

You’ve sorted through a whole year’s worth of receipts, bills, and 1099s, and your tax forms are all filled out from top to bottom. But not so fast: Before you …

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Four 2010 Tax Law Changes to Business Expenses

We’re getting down to the wire for meeting the deadline for filing this year’s tax return, so if you haven’t already filed, it’s time to get busy! But before filing …

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Commerce Sec. Gary Locke on Small Business, Taxes, and Saving Money

The Intuit Small Business Blog is pleased to present a guest post from Gary Locke, the United States Secretary of Commerce. Since Day One of the Obama administration, the empowerment …

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How Not to Trigger an IRS Audit

The IRS doesn’t reveal the exact details on how a small business tax return is selected for an audit any more than McDonald’s discusses the recipe for the Big Mac’s …

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5 Big Tax Saving Strategies for Small Businesses

Hopefully you know it’s almost tax time. But do you know whether your business is set up to take advantage of the tax breaks available to you? Here are five …

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Understanding Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Since you’re a business owner, you don’t have any employer withholding tax payments from your paycheck. That means you’re responsible for sorting out how much of your income should go …

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Which Business Organization Structure Is Right for You?

If you’re about to launch a business, or your business situation has recently changed, you may be questioning what sort of organization structure to choose. You can elect to classify …

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How Does Asset Depreciation Work?

If you’ve recently launched your business and are trying to account for all of your expenses, you’ve probably come across the term “asset depreciation.” What does it mean and how …

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Is Your Independent Contractor Really an Employee?

If you’ve ever considered hiring an independent contractor, you’d better make sure you understand the classification rules. The IRS has recently begun cracking down on small businesses that misclassify their …

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What California Businesses Need to Know About Payroll Tax Reporting Changes

Employers in California are facing a significant adjustment to how and when they report their payroll taxes. The state recently announced that businesses must file returns quarterly instead of annually, …

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5 Business Tax Deductions You May Be Overlooking

When tax time comes around, you know all of the standard expenses you can write off, like office rent and equipment, payroll, and vendor costs. But you may be neglecting …

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